Medical Equipment

Fasteners for Personal Protection Equipment and other Medical Equipment Fasteners for Medical Equipment are a key element in the fight against COVID 19 around the world. Designers and engineers are pivoting from the production of jet engines, earth movers and fashion clothing to ventilators and Personal Protection Equipment. JET PRESS has been supplying to the … Read more

Covid-19 Update Jet Press

Please bookmark this page for regular updates JET PRESS is here to provide support for our manufacturing partners in the critical supply chain to the NHS and other vital services. Currently we are involved with advising on projects to supply emergency ventilators, face masks and hospital beds. Update: 18th May 2020 We are very aware … Read more

Webbing for Medical Applications

  Webbing is used throughout the Medical world Webbing, along with Plastic Snap Hooks, Buckles and Hook and Loop Tape have features that make them very useful for Medical Applications. In front line medical care webbing is used to secure PPE visors worn by nurses and doctors. You can use Webbing for Patient Handling Equipment … Read more

  Jet Press have a wide range of Knobs and Handles suitable for Medical Applications You will find Knobs and Handles in a huge range of Medical Applications. They are in use throughout hospitals and beyond. Designers and Engineers use them in Hospital Beds for adjustment. Also, you’ll see Knobs and handles used for Medical … Read more

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    Our customers use Accuride Drawer Slides for a wide range of Medical Applications Accuride Drawer Slides come in a wide range of sizes and types with multiple features vital for Medical Applications. Many are available in stainless-steel for hygienic environments. If you are working on a time critical project Data Sheets and CAD … Read more