New 2-LOCK™ Cable Tie With Two Metal Teeth From Elematic

 Vibration Resistant Cable Ties - Elematic 2-Lock

Patented overmoulding technology enabled the development of a double-tooth steel retainer moulded into a plastic body. This creates the highest performing cable ties for the most demanding applications.

When your costs of failure are high, you need a cable tie that can give you peace of mind – you need 2-LOCK™!



Weather-resistantpolyamide 6.6 offers outstanding mechanical performance and great chemical resistance. This is coupled with the highest 316 marine grade stainless steel plate for the gripping teeth. Together, these materials give you a long-lasting and reliable fixing even in the most adverse environmental conditions.



The double tooth in the plastic body shows substantially improved service performance over single-tooth ties. Along with the resistance to corrosion, these features make 2-LOCK™ more resistant to vibration than any other cable tie in the market today.



Installation is smooth and easy and with no stepped ratchet in the design, the best possible fit is guaranteed. It gives you the lowest insertion effort combined with the highest release strength for quick and easy fixing and the assurance you need that it will perform.



Originally developed to satisfy the ever demanding quality needs of the automotive industries, the design and features have led to applications in cars, trucks, trailers, buses, agricultural machinery, construction and mining equipment to name but a few.

2-LOCK™ has become the cable tie of choice in many power generation industries, including wind turbines and in other outdoor constructions such as telecommunication towers. The harsh conditions and the high costs of out-of-period maintenance that would result from failure, have proven that 2-LOCK™ is the best cost-effective solution.


To find out how 2-LOCK™ can fit with your needs, contact Martin Critchley at JET PRESS on +44 1623 551 800 or contact us here


Double stainless steel tooth • UV resistant • -40C to +85C •
80kg tensile strength • Halogen-free • Material flammability rating UL94 V2


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