Why Do Automotive Customers Choose To Work With Us?

Added 17.06.22

WE'VE BEEN BUILDING trusted relationships with our customers since 1977.


Fasteners for the Automotive Industry have always been an important part of the JET PRESS business


The Automotive Industry supply chain is innovative, fast-paced and exciting. We pride ourselves on meeting the supply chain criteria, which include reliability, flexibility and quality control.

We want to build long-standing, meaningful and trusted relationships with our customers, and we aim to by delivering the following: 

  • Over 98% of our deliveries arrive on time, with the order correct and no items damaged. We have a Customer Support team to swiftly resolve any problems that may arise.

  • With over 20,000 standard products we can respond to most orders very rapidly. We source around half our products in the UK and have logistics partners who can get items from around the world to us very quickly. We also have our own manufacturing resources and a number of manufacturing partners in the UK.

  • Our warehouse has over 8,000,000 items in stock at any moment in time. We can hold consignment stock for you to be delivered as and when you need it. We also understand the requirements of the Automotive Industry and over 70% of our orders are repackaged to meet the needs of our customers.

  • JET PRESS has a dedicated quality control team. They drive compliance with ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015. They can also check for specific performance requirements for individual customers.

  • The large number of items that we stock and can deliver is valuable to some customers because it reduces the number of suppliers they have to deal with. And when they have specific challenges our team of engineers can identify parts that will overcome that challenge or design a bespoke fastener.

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