Using Panel Edge Clips to Increase Productivity

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What is a Panel Edge Clip?

Panel Edge Clips are a type of fastener used to secure two adjoining panels. They come in a range of styles, making them a versatile option when it comes to fixing or securing panels. Panel Edge Clips are an ideal solution for fastening panels without the need for pre-drilling.


How do you fit a Panel Edge Clip?

The majority of Panel Edge Clips such as the Standard type, S Clips, D Type Edge Clips or Extrusion Mounting Clips just push straight on, making them a highly attractive option when it comes to finding a panel clip that will help increase productivity within panel fixing applications. The barbs on the clips grip the panels to keep them in place. 

Which Panel Edge Clip is best for me?

The choice of Panel Edge Clip depends on the application, but there are other important factors to take into account. Standard Edge Clips require no drilling or additional screws to fix panels together as the barbs retain the panels securely in place.


S-Clips are better if you are holding panels together at 180° to other panels or each other, and are designed to be used with metal, fibreboard or rigid plastic sheet materials. 

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D-Type Edge Clips have the advantage of having one flat face, therefore, providing a neater appearance. Also as this clip only has one barbed face, the secondary panel can be removed without causing any damage. 



Extrusion Mounting Edge Clips have additional outward-facing barbs to hold the extrusion in place to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance, whilst the inward-facing barbs hold the panels together in the same way as a standard edge clip. Therefore, this one clip is multi-functional. 


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