Transform your bedroom storage with a new contemporary finish

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Freshen up your wardrobe

Are you looking for a way to freshen up your wardrobe and give it a modern, contemporary look? Have you been searching for storage solutions that will help you organise your clothes while also giving them a stylish look? Look no further we have the perfect wardrobe storage solutions in a new contemporary finish.

in 2009, we introduced a range of wardrobe storage solutions which included our Pull-out Clothes Hanger and Pull-out Trouser Hanger Rails. Both parts offer simple, functional designs with an understated finish which works well with typical wardrobe interiors. The chrome/silver finish is extremely popular, but with the increase in popularity of dark wood wardrobe interiors, we have now introduced the Anthracite finish which blends wonderfully with darker contemporary bedroom and closet furniture.


The Benefit of Using Contemporary Wardrobe Storage

When it comes to wardrobe storage the most obvious benefit is that contemporary storage solutions take up less space. This is because they are designed to be more compact and efficient, with clever features such as pull-out or slide-out hanging rails which make use of every little space.


The wardrobe is one of the most utilised storage areas in your home and if you want to give it a fresh, modern or chic feel then our new range of Anthracite finishes will help you achieve this.




Popular Anthracite Finish

The Pull-out Clothes Hanger and Pull-out Trouser Hanger Rails in the Anthracite finish have already become popular products with thousands being sold since they were introduced. The design works well and is becoming a favourite with many of our customers. As an added bonus there is no additional cost for the new finish.

New finish, great functional design at a great price! What’s not to love?



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