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Bi-Fix 29-3


Do you need a fastener for a panel that will be regularly opened and closed? Then talk to us about Bi-Fix Quarter Turn Fasteners. You Insert the stud through the lid or top panel and it clips into the receiver attached to the bottom plate, holding it in place. Give the head a quarter turn to release it. Then you just slam shut.

Why is a Quarter Turn Fastener better than screws or bolts?

It’s quicker – a simple quarter turn. You don’t need special tools. You can use your fingers to release Wing Head Studs. For Knurled Head Studs and Dome Head Studs you can use a screwdriver or even a coin. You can specify Security Heads if required.

It’s safer. When you use a washer the Quarter Turn Fastener stays in the panel, or you can use a chain on Wing Head Studs to retain it. That way you can’t lose it and it won’t fall into machinery and cause problems. You’re also less likely to suffer RSI.

It looks better. For applications like vent covers in residential buildings the Dome Head Quarter Turn Studs looks discreet and stylish.

What are my options?

You can choose from Wing Head, Knurled Head and Dome Head Studs, all in a range of sizes. The female fasteners come in Rack MountingClip on, Slide-on or Rivet-on in versions made from Spring or Stainless Steel. Neoprene washers seal the hole and reduce vibration. Cup Washers prevent scuffing of the panel when you turn the stud. A Retaining Spring used with a Cup Washer will add back pressure to force the lid closed. Tolerance receivers allow for some misalignment.

Talk to our team and they can advise you on the best option and supply samples.

Where are Quarter Turn Fasteners used?

The short answer is everywhere. Quarter Turn Fasteners are non-corrosive and well suited to harsh environments. So, they are used for machine guards and access panels, particularly in the following areas:

  • Machinery
  • Rail
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Specialist vehicles
  • HVAC

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