You can save nearly £2,000 Tax on a T-Nut Insertion Machine

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You Can Save Money When You Buy A T-Nut Insertion Machine And Keep Saving As You Use It

Floor Rivet T-Nut Insertion Machine  - Sigma

You need to check your company’s circumstances, but here is how the new super deduction tax break announced in the March 2021 budget works. You buy a floor-standing T-Nut Insertion Machine for £8,000. This is a qualifying investment so you can value it at 130% of the initial investment. This is £10,400. Deducting £10,400 from your taxable profits will save you 19% of the investment, which is £1,976 off your Corporation Tax bill. You can check the details here.

If you invest more - in a Drill, Drive, and Rivet T-Nut Machine for instance - you can save even more on your tax bill. And we sell a range of smaller Table-Top Machines and T-Nut Insertion Handtools. If you want to know about the best option for your business you can talk to our furniture lead Kevin Parr, he’s the T-Nut King of the UK!

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Save Tax on Sigma T-Nut Machines

How To Keep Saving Money

Almost every major furniture manufacturer uses T-Nut Insertion Machines made by Sigma Machine Tools. Rivet T-Nuts are fast becoming a furniture industry standard for attaching castors and legs to wooden corner blocks. They increase the quality of the finished product and decrease the cost of manufacturing.

A Rivet T-Nut provides an excellent lead-in for a screw or bolt. As a result, you can expect a reduction in cross-threading problems. This is very valuable when castors are being attached, especially if you expect customers to do it after delivery. Also, you will find by using a T-Nut Insertion Machine you can achieve greater accuracy and speed. If you ask customers to attach castors after delivery, they are less likely to insert them wrongly leading to costly returns.


Big Manufacturers Make Big Savings

We recently sold our first double-headed Drill, Drive and Rivet T-Nut Machine to a large bed component manufacturer in the UK. The cycle time for the drill, drive and rivet process is 2 seconds, so depending on the complexity of the application up to 1,500 insertions an hour is possible.  

Sofa makers Ashwood Designs have been producing bespoke upholstered furniture in the Welsh valleys for over 20 years. Design has always been at the heart of what they do – design for comfort, design for function, and design for beauty. And as part of designing for efficiency, they have just bought a second T-Nut Insertion Machine from us. This will allow them to have a machine dedicated to M6 T-Nuts and another to M8 T-Nuts so there is no downtime when they want to swap from one to another.

Managing Director Mark Smith and his team have grown Ashley Manor to become the second largest sofa group in the UK. We have contributed to that growth by providing them with Sigma T-Nuts and a total of four T-Nut Insertion Machines.


Smaller Workshops Making Savings

One of our customers makes riser recliner chairs for use in family homes, hospitals, care homes and other specialist environments. People who can walk but have difficulty getting out of a chair can have their lives transformed by one of these chairs. Many have castors, some have a weight limit of 50 stone. Our customer offers a 5-year warranty so you can understand why they invested in a Table-Top T-Nut Insertion Machine to deliver the best quality.

Another customer uses robots in their UK manufacturing facility that take components straight from the plastic moulding machine to the T-Nut Insertion Machine. This results in pinpoint accuracy and consistent quality valued by their customers.

And it’s hard to think of a product that needs robust castors more than a flight case. These are the large boxes you see wheeled around in airports, exhibition halls and elsewhere. Our customer builds flight cases using Table-Top T-Nut Installation Machines. They insert Pronged T-Nuts into wood covered in a plastic composite.

Rivet T-Nuts - Sigma


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Ongoing support from JET PRESS

Buy a Table-Top T-Nut Insertion Machine from JET PRESS and you are starting a relationship. Delivery of the machine along with installation is included in the price (please talk to us about deliveries beyond the UK mainland). We’ll train your operators to use and maintain the machine and provide full technical support. As long as you use the machines with our Sigma T-Nuts, Kurt, our highly respected engineer, will come out regularly to give your T-Nut Insertion Machine a service.

If you want to be sure T-Nuts will deliver the benefits you need, send us a sample of the timber you are using. We will insert the T-Nuts and return the timber to you so you can see how well it will work for your application. You can see a T-Nut Insertion Machine in action, or we can visit you. We may be able to offer you a machine on trial.

Just call to speak to one of our experts on +44 1623 551 800 or contact us by email. Our team is always happy to help you calculate the benefits of installing a T-Nut Insertion Machine.

  • Save money through super deduction
  • Increase speed of production
  • Reduce production errors
  • Reduce returns


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