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Learn more about our new range of Salice innovative hinge and lift systems. Each of these products combines elegant design with cutting-edge functionality, redefining the way we interact with furniture in our daily lives. From the whisper-quiet operation of the air hinge to the space-saving Wind lift system the seamless integration of the Pacta Hinge to the sleek design of the Conecta, Salice is transforming the landscape of modern cabinetry and furniture design. 

Our new Salice Conecta Concealed Hinge sits completely concealed within both wooden and aluminium doors. Designed to manage heavy-duty doors up to 48kg, it guarantees precision and fluidity in movement, making it perfect for both small and large furniture doors. Its concealed nature allows for a clean and seamless look, enhancing the overall aesthetics of any room. Available in either a nickel-plated or titanium finish, we also provide additional cover caps for both the door and side of the cabinet, designed to complement the selected finish.

Salice Conecta

The Salice Wind Lift System is a compact, stylish solution for office, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture. This unobtrusive and stylish offers smooth motion and space-saving benefits. It features a soft close mechanism for quiet operation and has adaptable installation options with an 85° or 94° opening. Ideal for enhancing user experience in any living space. The Salice Wind System combines styles, efficiency and practicality in a discreet functional design. 

Salice Wind

Our Salice Pacta Hinge is a compact innovative solution for flap doors in furniture. Offering a soft-closing mechanism, this hinge ensures a seamless and durable solution, ideal for a variety of applications like kitchen cabinets, children's furniture and hotel furnishings. It can align the door and base for a flat surface when fully open. The Pacta hinge enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

Salice Pacta-1

The Salice Air Smove Soft Close Hinge is used for seamless cabinetry. Engineered with innovation it ensures gentle and quiet closing of wooden or aluminium-framed doors. Despite its compact size this concealed hinge offers controlled motion and fits discreetly in the top and bottom panels of the cabinet. Supporting doors up to 2100mm high and 600mm wide and with a 105° opening it is ideal for various furniture applications. 

Salice Air-1

This new range is now available on the JET PRESS website. JET PRESS is committed to helping you make an informed choice that fulfils your project's unique needs. Contact us on +44 1623 551 800 or at webenquiries@jetpress.com.

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