Redefining Modern Interiors: Exedra Pocket Door Slide System

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Transforming Spaces

In contemporary interior design, the quest for space optimisation has found a remarkable ally in the Salice Exedra Pocket Door Slide System. This innovative system is more than just a functional element; it's a transformative piece of design that melds effortlessly into the modern aesthetic, redefining spaces with an emphasis on style and functionality.

The Essence of Modern Design and Functionality 

The design of the Exedra pocket door system allows you to effectively utilise every inch of room space, unlike traditional swing doors that consume valuable space. The result is a streamlined uninterrupted look that elevates the feel of any room from office spaces to your living room.   

The design of the Exedra system is a testament to contemporary minimalism. It provides a level of sophistication and modernity that is sought after in today's interior design. This sleek appearance is not just about the aesthetic appeal of the system, it also represents the state-of-the-art mechanisms that allow for smooth and effortless operation.



Durability & Customisation: Tailored To Your Needs

Understanding that every space is unique, the Salice Exedra system is built to last and designed to fit. Its durable construction guarantees long-term reliability, standing up to the rigours of daily use. This durability does not come at the cost of flexibility. The system offers customisable sizes, ensuring that it can be tailored to specific dimensions and needs, making it a perfect fit for various settings. 

Versatility in Application Beyond Just Doors

The Exedra system's versatility extends beyond just your average door function. It finds its place in various applications, enhancing the utility and aesthetics of spaces such as kitchen larder units, living room media or library units, bedroom wardrobes and office storage solutions. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for those who seek a unified and sophisticated feel to their space.

Technical Excellence: A Closer Look

The technical specifications of the Exedra system are a testament to its outstanding quality and performance. It supports a maximum door weight of 30kg and accommodates a range of dimensions - with door thickness from 18mm to 30mm, door width from 400mm to 900mm and door height from 1550mm to 2530mm. These features are complemented with a Smove damper, ensuring a smooth and controlled closing movement. The system also offers comprehensive adjustment options, including vertical, horizontal and front door adjustments, catering to the most demanding installation requirements. 


Experience and Support: A Commitment to Excellence

Experience how this versatile solution elevates your living and working spaces, one room at a time, combining style with functionality. To get a complete understanding of what the Exedra system offers, a comprehensive brochure is available for download, providing detailed technical specifications and insights.

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