Proud to Power Oar Blimey's Atlantic Journey

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Honored to Sponsor Oar Blimey's Atlantic Quest for a Cause We Deeply Care About!


We're thrilled to share that JET PRESS is proud to sponsor the oars for Oar Blimey's upcoming endeavour—rowing a staggering 3,500 miles across the Atlantic Ocean!

The team at Oar Blimey isn't just rowing for the thrill; they're on a mission to raise funds and awareness for dementia, a cause that affects countless families worldwide. We're genuinely inspired by their courage and commitment to make a difference.

Launching from Portugal in December 2023, the two-man team of Oar Blimey is embarking on a self-sufficient journey across the Atlantic, with their destination set for Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.


To maintain non-stop momentum, they will endure a 2-hour-on, 2-hour-off rowing shift system, ensuring that the boat is always in motion.

Facing the gruelling challenges of blisters, salt-induced skin irritations, and lack of sleep, the team will tap into their deepest reserves of physical and mental stamina to accomplish this feat within a 90-day timeframe, they may even beat the current world record.


We invite you to be a part of this extraordinary journey by making a donation to Team Oar Blimey's cause. Your contribution will not only fuel this incredible 3,500-mile row across the Atlantic but will also go a long way in raising funds and awareness for dementia, a condition that affects millions worldwide. This challenge will push the limits of human endurance, but the fight against dementia requires an even greater collective effort.

To donate, simply click on the link below and follow the prompts. Every contribution, no matter the size, will bring us one step closer to making a meaningful impact. Thank you for your support!



We can't wait to cheer them on and keep you updated on their progress. Here's to smooth sailing and setting new records!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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