New Cable Management Clips for Efficient Solar Panel Installations

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JET PRESS: Your Premier Partner in Solar Panel Installation – Manufacturing, Supply and Distribution

The solar industry is currently experiencing a surge in demand driven by a global push towards renewable energy and enhanced sustainability practices. This has led to increased investment in solar technologies and a rapid expansion of solar capacity worldwide. However, this growth also presents challenges, including supply chain disruptions and the need for rapid scaling of production capabilities. JET PRESS is actively addressing these challenges by enhancing its manufacturing capabilities and expanding its global supply network to meet the increased demand.

As a leading global supplier and manufacturer, JET PRESS stands at the forefront of the solar energy sector, renowned not only for manufacturing high-quality solar panel clips and fastening systems but also as a global supplier and distributor of fastener and component solutions for the renewables industry. Our comprehensive approach helps streamline the supply chains of our customers, reducing risks, costs and complexities, ensuring we can meet the dynamic needs of the solar industry. 

Introduction of New Heyco Cable Management Products

We are excited to announce the introduction of the Heyco solar cable management products to our portfolio, tailored specifically for the solar and photovoltaic industry. These products include an extensive range of cable clips, ties and connectors designed to improve the installation efficiency and longevity of solar systems. Heyco's solutions are ideal for commercial and residential installers, EPC contractors and OEMs involved with inverters, combiners and racking systems. These high-quality components ensure secure and organised cable management, which is critical for maintaining system performance and reliability under varying environmental conditions.

Cable Management Clips for Solar-Photovoltaic Panel Installations

  1. PV Module Clips: Our range of SunRunner® Clips are designed with smooth edges to prevent damage to cables and are available in various styles to secure single or up to 4 cables directly onto frameless modules or PV module frames and provide robustness and ease of use. Available in 304, 316 and 410 stainless steel making them ideal for harsh environments. SunRunner® EZ is designed with double compression and securely holds PV-1000V solar cables.

  2. Top Rail Clips: Compatible with an array of racking profiles, SunRunner® Cable Clips neatly manage cables or wires along the racking extrusion. Available in stainless steel and UV heat stabilised Nylon, these cable clips are designed to hold micro-inverter cables.

  3. Diverse Bundling Solutions: Manage and protect your wiring with our range of bundling solutions, including the Maxrunner® Cable Clip Array which can hold up to 12 cables, Edge Clips, Cable Tie Mounting Platforms, SunStrap and Sunhangers all designed to withstand harsh environments and prolong the lifespan of your installations.

  4. Customised and Standard Fastening Solutions: Whether you need bespoke solutions or standard items, our extensive stock of 20,000 product lines guarantees you’ll find the perfect fit for your project.




Solar Panel Industry Outlook

The EU’s solar power capacity grew by 25% from 168 GW in 2021 to 209 GW in 2022, it’s estimated that by 2026 this will reach 484 GW.

With the global solar panel market expected to grow significantly, the demand for reliable and efficient solar installation components is more crucial than ever. JET PRESS is ideally positioned to support this growth through our dual role as both a manufacturer and a distributor, ensuring a consistent supply of top-tier components.


Why Choose JET PRESS?

  • Comprehensive Product Offering: From standard fasteners to custom-engineered components, our range is designed to meet every need of the solar/photovoltaic installation industry.

  • Global Supply Chain Expertise: We leverage our extensive network of over 120 global suppliers to provide tailored solutions that enhance both the efficiency and sustainability of your projects.

  • Dedicated In-House Engineering: Our expert team uses the latest technologies and materials to design and manufacture components that lead the market in quality and durability.

Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

JET PRESS is committed to sustainability, both in our operations and through the products we supply. Our vast selection of solar panel components is designed to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of solar installations worldwide. Our certifications include:

•    ISO 9001:2015
•    ISO 14001:2015
•    ISO 45001:2018

We are also proud to be a leader in implementing sustainable practices, including our use of over 130 solar panels at our headquarters to reduce our carbon footprint.

Get in Touch with JET PRESS

To learn more about how our manufacturing and distribution capabilities can support your solar panel installations, or to discuss a bespoke project, contact our sales team online at or call +44 1623 551 800. We provide solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About JET PRESS Solar Panel Solutions

Q. What types of solar panel clips does JET PRESS offer? 
A. JET PRESS provides a wide variety of solar panel clips, including PV module clips, top rail clips, and bespoke clips. Our products are designed to secure and protect solar panels, ensuring efficient and reliable installations across various racking profiles.

Q. How does JET PRESS ensure the quality of its solar panel fasteners and components?
A. JET PRESS is committed to the highest standards of quality. We use state-of-the-art technology and materials to manufacture our components. Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and we are working towards IATF 16949 certification, ensuring we deliver only the best products.

Q. Can JET PRESS provide customised fastening solutions for my solar panel installations?
A. Yes, JET PRESS specialises in creating bespoke fastening solutions tailored to meet specific project requirements. Our in-house engineering team can design and manufacture custom clips and components using SolidWorks for precision modelling, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency.

Q. What makes JET PRESS different from other solar panel clip suppliers? 
A. JET PRESS distinguishes itself as both a manufacturer and a distributor with a global supply chain. This unique position allows us to offer a vast range of products, from standard items to custom-engineered solutions, catering to the diverse needs of the solar industry.

Q. How does JET PRESS support sustainable practices in the solar industry? 
A. JET PRESS is dedicated to sustainability, highlighted by our installation of over 130 solar panels at our headquarters. This initiative not only supports our ISO14001 environmental goals but also demonstrates our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy sources.

Q. Where can I find more information about JET PRESS's solar products and services? 
A. For detailed information about our products and services, including our solar panel clips and fastening systems, please visit the JET PRESS website or contact us directly. Our team is ready to assist you with any inquiries and provide the support you need for your solar projects.

Q. What advantages do cable management clips offer in a solar farm setting?
A: In a solar farm setting, cable management clips offer numerous advantages that are crucial for maintaining the efficiency and overall performance of the system. These clips provide a secure and organised method for routing and securing cables throughout the solar farm, preventing tangling, damage, or interference with other equipment. By effectively managing cables with these clips, maintenance efforts are streamlined and simplified, reducing downtime and maximising productivity.

Cable management clips help to minimise the risk of electrical hazards by securely fastening cables in place and preventing potential tripping hazards for workers on-site. Overall, incorporating cable management clips in a solar farm setting enhances safety standards, increases operational efficiency, and prolongs the lifespan of the system.

Q: How easy are cable management clips to install compared to cable ties?
A: Cable management clips are easier to install compared to cable ties due to their simple and versatile design. Most cable management clips feature a clipping method to the PV mounting bracket that allows for quick and effortless installation on any flat surface, eliminating the need for tools or extra equipment.

Cable management clips provide a more organised and secure solution for managing cables as they can easily be repositioned or adjusted without causing damage to the cables themselves. In contrast, cable ties require manual tightening and cutting, which can be time-consuming and may lead to potential damage if done incorrectly. The added benefit to cable management clips is that they are reusable, unlike single-use cable ties. Often the excess length cut from the cable tie is left on the ground where cattle can consume it causing costly medical bills.

Q: Do cable management clips provide better protection for cables in a solar farm environment?
A: Cable management clips play a crucial role in protecting cables in a solar farm environment by securing them and preventing potential damage from exposure to harsh weather conditions. These clips help organise and route cables efficiently, reducing the risk of tangling or interference with other equipment. By keeping cables neatly organised and fixed in place, cable management clips also minimise the chances of accidental tripping hazards for workers navigating the solar farm site. Additionally, they can prevent wear and tear on cables caused by excessive movement or rubbing against abrasive surfaces. Overall, utilising cable management clips in a solar farm environment not only improves safety and efficiency but also extends the lifespan of cables, contributing to the overall effectiveness and longevity of the solar energy system.

Q: Can using cable management clips improve the efficiency of a solar farm operation?
A: Utilising cable management clips in a solar farm operation can indeed improve efficiency in numerous ways. By keeping cables organised and secured, the risk of damage or interference is significantly reduced, ensuring uninterrupted power delivery throughout the system. This not only minimises downtime for maintenance but also promotes safety by preventing potential hazards such as wire disconnections or short circuits.

Furthermore, efficient cable management can streamline troubleshooting procedures and accelerate repairs, when necessary, enhancing overall operational effectiveness. Additionally, properly organised cables contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing and neat installation, which can reflect positively on the professionalism and reliability of the solar farm operation.

Q: Do cable management clips help with maintenance and repairs in a solar farm?
A: Yes, cable management clips play a crucial role in maintaining and repairing a solar farm. These clips help organise and secure the multitude of cables running throughout the farm, making it easier to locate specific cables during maintenance or repairs. By keeping cables neatly organised and out of harm's way, these clips reduce the risk of damage or wear over time.

This can save time and resources by streamlining the process of identifying and accessing damaged cables for repair or replacement. Additionally, proper cable management using clips can also improve overall system performance by reducing interference between cables and ensuring optimal airflow around them. In conclusion, investing in high-quality cable management clips is essential for efficient maintenance and repairs in all solar farms.


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