Accuride DS5334 Stainless Steel Drawer Slides

Added 16.06.22



The New Accuride DS5334 Stainless Steel Is Suitable For Environments Subject To Corrosion

At JET PRESS we like new products that make your life easier, save you time and save you money. That's why we are happy to introduce the latest slide from Accuride, the new DS5334 Stainless Steel Drawer Slides. Manufactured from high-grade Stainless Steel making it suitable for harsh environments meaning a high corrosion resistance. It also has the capability of functioning between -20°C to +70°C temperatures. Typical harsh environments for application of the slides include:

  • Food processing plants
  • Hospital equipment
  • Production lines
  • Outdoor storage
  • Commercial kitchen fittings

Making Your Life Easier, Saving You Time And Money

The DS5334 Slide is designed with a front disconnect feature which allows the drawer to be easily removed and refitted as required to aid cleaning, installation and repairs. This allows for more hygienic cleaning in important areas of use, such as kitchen fittings and hospital equipment.

This medium duty slide can support weights of up to 90kg including when at 100%+ extension. Another characteristic is the over-travel, which allows the user to fully access the back of the drawers or shelves in any application providing easier accessibility.

To complement the DS5334 Drawer slide optional Accuride DS63610 Stainless Steel Brackets are available to provide bottom and platform mounting options. Due to their corrosion resistance properties, these are the perfect solution to use in combination with the Accuride DS5334 Drawer Slide.



Additional Information

  • Load rating up to 90kg (50,000 cycles) per pair
  • 100%+ extension
  • The DS5334 slide is not suitable for flat mounting
  • Sold in pairs


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