JET PRESS Goes Green with New Solar Panel Installation

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JET PRESS Installs Solar Panels on Its Building to Achieve Environmental Objectives

In a significant move towards sustainability, JET PRESS has recently installed solar panels on the roof of its headquarters in Nottinghamshire. This initiative is part of the company's ISO14001 strategy to achieve its environmental objectives and reduce its carbon footprint.


The Need for Sustainable Energy

As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change, businesses are increasingly recognising the need to adopt sustainable practices. For JET PRESS, the decision to install solar panels is not just a corporate responsibility but a commitment to a greener future.


The Installation Process

Over 130 solar panels were installed during a four-week installation period by a team of experts who ensured that the process was efficient and met all safety standards. The panels are designed to generate enough electricity to power the entire building, reducing the company's reliance on non-renewable energy sources.


Environmental Benefits

As a business, we are committed to meeting the United Nations Sustainability Goals.

According to the UN goals report, a record high of 36.8 billion metric tons of energy-related CO2 emissions were produced in 2022.

By harnessing the power of the sun, JET PRESS aims to reduce its carbon emissions significantly. The solar panels are expected to generate clean energy equivalent to removing several cars from the road each year. This initiative is a significant step towards achieving the company's environmental objectives, which include reducing waste, conserving energy and minimising its overall environmental impact.


Financial Benefits

Apart from the environmental advantages, solar panel installation is also financially beneficial for JET PRESS. The company expects to see a reduction in energy costs, which will contribute to its long-term profitability.




The installation of solar panels on its building marks a significant milestone for JET PRESS in its journey towards sustainability. The company is not only setting an example for other businesses but is also taking concrete steps to achieve its environmental objectives.


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