Jet Press Elevates Manufacturing with the New Arburg Allrounder 270S

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Introducing Precision Engineering with the new Arburg ALLROUNDER 270S 

In a significant stride towards enhancing our production capabilities and ensuring high quality in our outputs, JET PRESS is thrilled to announce the installation of a state-of-the-art machine at our manufacturing site in Shirebrook: the Arburg Allrounder 270S. This addition not only marks an upgrade in our production facility but also reaffirms our commitment to innovation and excellence in manufacturing.


Unpacking the Arburg ALLROUNDER 270S 

At the heart of this technological advancement lies the Arburg Allrounder, known for its precision, versatility and efficiency, this machine sets new benchmarks in the production of complex and high-quality components.



The Arburg Allrounder boasts a range of impressive specifications tailored for high-precision and efficient plastic injection moulding processes. With a screw diameter option of 25 mm, it offers a maximum calculated stroke volume of 49 cm³ and a shot capacity of up to 45 g/PS, ensuring versatility across various moulding applications. The machine is capable of injecting on the horizontal or split line (vertical injection) and achieving a maximum injection pressure of 2000 bar, highlighting its ability to handle demanding injection moulding tasks with ease.

A standout feature of this model is its compact, fully hydraulic clamping system, which ensures stable and precise clamping force application, vital for achieving superior product quality. Further enhancing its utility is the inclusion of an interface for robot systems, facilitating automated part handling and streamlining the production process. An additional interface for colouring/dosage devices expands the machine's capability to incorporate colourants and additives accurately.

The Arburg Allrounder also comes equipped with two air blow unit, which is essential for ejection and cooling processes, improving cycle times and product finish. The Core Pull Control feature is particularly noteworthy, offering advanced control over mould functionalities, such as core pulling, ensuring complex part geometries can be moulded with high precision. These specifications underscore the Arburg Allrounder's adaptability and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for the JET PRESS injection moulding operations.


Expanding Capabilities and capacity:

The Arburg Allrounder's introduction to our Shirebrook site significantly enhances our production capacity adding to the existing suite of 23 machines. Capable of producing a wide array of components, from automotive parts and solar components to intricate electronics and medical devices, this machine expands our product range and opens up new markets for JET PRESS.


Precision and Quality:

One of the standout features of the Arburg Allrounder 270S compact is its unparalleled precision. This machine can produce a wide range of injection volumes, allowing for the production of small to medium-sized components with intricate design details and tight tolerances, meeting the high-quality standards our clients have come to expect from JET PRESS.


Efficiency and Sustainability:

The Arbug Allrounder is designed with efficiency in mind. Its energy-saving features not only reduce our carbon footprint but also ensure that our manufacturing processes are as cost-effective as they are environmentally friendly.


Looking Ahead:

The installation of the Arburg Allrounder 270S at the JET PRESS Shirebrook manufacturing site is more than just an upgrade—it's a leap into the future of manufacturing. With this new machine, we are poised to tackle the challenges of modern manufacturing head-on, offering our clients nothing but the best in terms of quality, precision, and efficiency.

We're excited about the possibilities this new machine brings to our production line and look forward to delivering even more exceptional products to our clients.



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