How to choose the right Plastic Rivet

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There’s more to plastic rivets than meets the eye. They may look small, but they are mighty. Used across hundreds of applications, the plastic rivet is a versatile fastener option when it comes to joining two pieces of material. But how can you make sure you’re choosing the right rivet? 

First of all, it’s important to ask, what is a Plastic Rivet?

Plastic Rivets are perfect for light-duty applications across multiple industries. Just take a look under your vehicle, inside a computer panel, or on the internal panels of your washing machine.

At JET PRESS, we supply a range of products for you to use in whatever project you are undertaking, no matter the size of the job.


What are the types of plastic Rivets?

There are several different types of plastic rivet designs to choose from to complete your job; your choice will depend on whether you can access both sides of the panels or only one (blind fixing). 

The blind fixing rivet can be fitted from one side of the panel by simply pushing the stem of the fastener through the surface and then securing it by pushing the pin through the centre of the stem, which causes the sides to expand. 

Snap Rivets and Mini Rivets are pushed through the materials using the male component and are fastened behind the material with the female component.


Within these categories are many Plastic Rivet types, including Snap, Button, Mini, Releasable, Scrivets, Ratchet Rivets, R-Loks and more.


Which plastic rivet should you choose?

Choosing your Plastic Rivet depends on what you need it for. 

Expansion Plastic Rivets and Removable Push Type Rivets, Scrivets Flush Head, Scrivets Raised Head and Button Rivets can all be used in applications where you would normally use a screw but have the advantage of not requiring a tapped or threaded hole in the secondary panel.  The R-Lok Rivet can be used in place of a standard POP Rivet but with the added advantage of not being conductive and will not corrode. 

Expansion Plastic Rivets and Removable Push Type Rivets provide a clean and tamper-proof fixing. As these are manufactured from plastic we can offer a colour match to your application and offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Snap Rivets, Mini Rivets, Ratchet Rivets, Post and Screw Assembly are all used where both sides of the application can be accessed. These are suitable for smaller tasks like display folders or colour swatches.  Snap Rivets are used in applications such as PPE clothing, face masks, fixing PCB ribbon cables and many more.

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