Fortify your Assets: A New Generation of Security Fasteners

Added 27.10.23


From 6-Lobe Pin Screws to Kinmar® Removeable Fasteners: Your First Line of Defence Against Tampering

In an environment where both security and dependability can make or break success. We're excited to unveil our latest collection of security fasteners. 

Revolutionise your security with 6-lobe pin screws

One of the most popular products within the security fasteners is the 6-Lobe Pin Screw. These are designed for environments where tamper resistance is a top priority. They find a natural home in a variety of settings, such as vending machines, public transport ticketing systems and even high-security data centres. So what makes these 6-Lobe Pin screws different from your standard screw? Their unique design requires specialist tools for installation or removal, significantly reducing the chances of unauthorised tampering. 

These 6-Lobe Screws serve as your first line of defence against vandalism or theft, reducing potential downtimes and maintenance costs. 

6-Lobe Pin Screws

The unbeatable security of 6-lobe pin barrel nuts

Next is our new range of 6-Lobe Pin Barrel Nuts which offer an equally impressive set of features. These fasteners are tailor-made for securing permanent fixtures that are frequently exposed to public spaces. From bike racks to outdoor gym equipment and even playground installation, these Barrel Nuts provide a level of security which is hard to match. Their unique design incorporates a pin within the six-lobe drive, rendering standard Torx Tools useless. This ensures only authorised individuals equipped with specialised tools can remove these fasteners, helping you to bring peace of mind. 

barrel nuts

The flexibility of kinmar® removable fasteners 

Finally, we have the Kinmar® Removeable Fasteners. These are unique because they offer a blend of high-security features with the added benefit of easy removable for authorised personnel. This makes them ideal for machinery that requires periodic maintenance or adjustments such as in manufacturing plants, hospitals or research labs. They offer a convenient yet secure solution for businesses that can't afford to compromise on either aspect. The specially designed key for these fasteners ensures that only authorised personnel can fit and remove them. Minimising the risk of tampering or unauthorised disassembly.



In a world where the cost of theft and vandalism can be astronomical, investing in these security fasteners is not just sensible; it is essential. From retail and public transport to manufacturing and healthcare, our new range of fasteners can offer something invaluable to virtually any business - a promise of unparalleled security and peace of mind. 

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