Accuride Telescopic Drawer Slides For Under Stairs Storage Solutions

Added 18.10.22

Understairs storage

A Creative Way to Maximise Storage Within Your Home

Every day, architects and designers develop innovative solutions to maximise the amount of storage space in our homes. The area under the stairs is the ideal location for this.

Installing high-quality drawers is an excellent way to make the most of a space that is frequently underutilised. We are a key supplier of superior quality ball-bearing drawer slides from Accuride, offering a variety of access solutions for this application.

Custom-made Systems for Under-Stairs Storage

If your clients need products designed, produced and tested in accordance with the highest industry standards, then look no further. With Accuride Telescopic Slides, you will benefit from quality and reliability.

Conventional furniture slides cannot meet the demanding requirements of under-stairs storage systems, typically large and heavier drawers are being constructed which require a high load capacity, Accuride drawer slides function flawlessly in these applications proving their dependability.

Additionally, Accuride drawer slides provide other features including 100% + over-extension and soft-closing to protect sensitive objects or allow easy access.

USS MJ 1USS Obey 2

Advantages of Using Accuride 

  • Heavy-duty slides can support weights up to 600kg
  • The lock-in/lock-out feature allows drawers to be secured in the open and closed positions for prolonged access
  • Drawers close smoothly and gently with the Soft-close feature
  • Drawers available up to 1000mm wide to provide easy access to your belongings
  • Available in various lengths to aid in the specific design of your area
  • Bespoke design solutions available


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