How and Where Medical Grade Gas Struts are Used in Medical Applications


Medical Grade Gas Struts


Medical Grade Gas Struts help take the heavy lifting out of patient care

There is a wide range of situations in healthcare where stainless steel Medical Grade Gas Struts are deployed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the medical teams working to save lives. Medical Grade Gas Struts play a role in Operating Theatres, Hospital Wards and General Healthcare.

Below are some examples where they are widely in use. If you have a specific application and would like the advice of technical support please contact our team.


Medical Grade Gas Struts in Operating Theatres

In an Operating Theatre cleanliness, precision and efficiency are vital. Medical Grade Gas Struts and other Stays and Struts play a vital role.

Monitor screens that display vital information from cameras, scans, etc. need to move easily and accurately. So do lighting arms and heavy medical appliances. They are mounted on multi-positional adjustable arms controlled by Stop and Stay Medical Grade Gas Struts.

You can use the same Stop and Stay Medical Grade Gas Struts to position the equipment for cleaning and maintenance.

Cam Shoc dampers are used to allow smooth control the back-rest of the operating table. Cam Stays allow you to adjust leg rests on the operating table to optimise patient comfort.


Workstations, Overbed Tables and Drug Trolleys

In Operating Theatres and Hospital Wards you will find various work stations and overbed tables. You can use Stop and Stay Medical Grade Gas Struts for height adjustment and multi positional Stop and Stay struts to position screens, tablets and other medical items.

Our customers who build drug cabinets and trolleys use Medical Grade Gas Struts like the Swift and Sure Standard Motion Control struts for opening and closing of lids. They also use a range of drawer slides from the full JET PRESS range of Accuride products.

Stop and Stay

Ward beds and chairs

Fitting a multi-positional stay to a leg rest on the bed allows the rest to be positioned in a variety of angles for optimum patient comfort. When used on the back-rest, a Cam Shoc Dampers provides smooth adjustment. Side Rail applications without a dampening feature can carry a risk of fingers getting trapped. This risk is greatly reduced when the right Medical Grade Gas Strut is used to control the movement.

When you use Blocklift Medical Grade Gas Struts combined with a hydraulic release lever system you can easily control the tilt of the seat of a wheelchair or Patient Treatment Chair.


More applications

Throughout the Medical Sector there are items of equipment and storage units that need lids and access panels. Cam Stays and Lid Stays are a tried and tested solution. Cam Stays allow for lids to be held open in multiple positions. Econoloc Gas Struts are a good option for access panels. You don’t need a separate safety rod and our team can advise you of a wide range of other options.

Econoloc Gas Strut
In the Medical Sector where you will also find Medical Grade Gas Struts used in many situations. These include Treatment Beds and couches, Monitor and Lighting Arms, Hospital Overbed TV arms and Controlled Lid Closure Bins. Jet Press offers a wide range of Mounting Brackets and End Fitting Connectors to go with our range of Medical Grade Gas Struts to assist with the most demanding of product mounting requirements.

Gas Springs Gas Shocks

Bespoke Medical Grade Gas Struts

There are technical challenges around using Gas Struts – sometimes called Gas Springs or Gas Shocks. They store energy. So, when you use one for a lid for instance, the energy is stored. When you close the lid and released to help lift the lid. You have to factor in the geometry of the opening, the weight of the lid, the length of the strut and the pressure of the gas.

If you get it wrong the lid will be too heavy or it will spring open too quickly, which is a potential safety risk. A Vari-Lift Gas Spring can be adjusted after you have installed it by letting out gas. But let out too much and the strut is useless.

Our customers often give the problem to us. We ask for all the opening requirements and make an initial calculation, then bring the strut to you for fine tuning. Once the precise pressure required has been established we make sure the struts are manufactured to exactly the right specification.

For help with selecting the best Medical Grade Gas Strut or any Engineered Fastenings or hardware for Medical Applications please contact our team of experts on +44 1623 551 800 or contact us by email. We are very happy to do our bit to help.






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