Visors to Keep New Front Line Workers Safe

Disposable Face Shield

We can now supply medical grade Disposable Face Shields to the thousands of workers who are now coming into contact with the public. With lockdown easing hairdressers, nail technicians, childcare workers, pub staff and many others need protection from infection.


Medical Grade Disposable Face Shields

Our Disposable Face Shield has been approved by the British Standards Institute for use by NHS staff and Care staff. It meets all the health and safety standards for a product of this type. It has many features that will make it the ideal PPE item for a wide range of people. There is no natural rubber in this product so an allergic reaction is very unlikely.


Disposable Face Visor

Looking good

This shield has excellent optical properties so workers in the beauty industry can see clearly to do their job. And if you wear glasses this Disposable Face Shield will fit over them with no trouble. These Disposable Face Shields are also treated with an anti-fogging agent so they are less likely to steam up. If anything happens the Disposable Face Shield may break but it won’t shatter.

A big advantage of a Disposable Face Shield over a mask is that people can see your whole face. They can hear you more clearly, see you smile and if you work with people with hearing difficulties they can lip read.


Use with care

Like any item of PPE you have to use this Disposable Face Shield properly to get the full benefit. There are detailed instructions with these masks. They include advice to wash your hands before you put it on and when you take it off. Only one person should use each shield and it should be discarded after a single use. It’s not recommended that you wear a Disposable Face Shield for more than eight hours.

This is a new product to add to our range of Fasteners for Medical applications.

If you would like to talk to our team about Disposable Face Shields please call +44 1623 551800 email or contact us online.




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