Uses for Webbing, Buckles and Hook and Loop tape in Medical Environments

Medical Applications webbing

Webbing is used throughout the Medical world

Webbing, along with Plastic Snap Hooks, Buckles and Hook and Loop Tape have features that make them very useful for Medical Applications. In front line medical care webbing is used to secure PPE visors worn by nurses and doctors.

You can use Webbing for Patient Handling Equipment because it is light and strong. This includes stretchers, sliding mats, hospital beds, hoists and slings. The ratcheting tourniquets used by first responders and in A&E units also use webbing along with specialist fasteners.

You will also find webbing used extensively, often combined with Hook and Loop Tape, for straps on wheelchairs.

Buckles and Hook and Loop Tape often feature in hospital clothing. This includes patient gowns and clothing worn by staff.


The benefits of Polypropylene Webbing for Medical Applications

The Polypropylene Webbing most used by JET PRESS customers is black and comes in 19mm, 25mm, 38mm and 50mm widths. Other colours and widths are available.

Polypropylene, sometimes known as Polypro, is relatively low cost. A range of features make it very valuable in many Medical Applications. It is durable with good resistance to hinge stress. Polypro offers good resistance to corrosive acids and alkalis. It is water resistant, dries quickly and can be cleaned. And very important when you are making assemblies, it is stretch-resistant and shrink resistant.

The melting point is 160°C, but the low temperature resistance is very good, meaning strength and flexibility are maintained down to -70°C.


Hook and Loop Tape

We supply Hook and Loop tape in Fire Retardant and standard versions. Sew on or Self-Adhesive, in black or white. Other colours are available. Our tape comes in 25m rolls and you need a roll of Hook and a roll of Loop. Sizes are from 16mm to 100mm.

Medical Applications Hook and Loop Tape


You can order either Metal Buckles or Plastic Buckles from JET PRESS. Both have potential for use in Medical Applications.

Metal Buckles are lightweight but are able to withstand load capacities between 70kg and 250kg. Our metal range includes G-Hooks, CLASH Hooks, MASH Hooks, Heavy Duty Snap Hooks and Heavy Duty D-Rings.


Medical Applications Buckles

JET PRESS also provide a versatile range of plastic buckles for webbing which includes the popular Side Release Buckles, Hooks, D rings, Tri-Rings and Rectangular Webbing Rings. All of these products are compatible with our polypropylene webbing range.

In addition, our End-Stop Fittings and Cord Lock Buckles suit a wide range of applications when attached to webbing or cord.



We have experience in creating webbing assemblies include straps, load restraints and harnesses. These include applications for leisure, retail, security, agriculture, distribution, medical, veterinary, automotive, industrial and the Ministry of Defence.

For the best possible solution, we will work with you to develop bespoke ideas and products to ensure that we provide you with what you need to design the best product. Our Engineers will learn about your project to find or design cost-effective products.

An assembly can include any width of strap, buckle and clasp combinations, studding and riveting.


Medical Applications Webbing Assemblies

As well as matching existing specifications, we have a free sampling service for testing and approval purposes, so together we can develop the best solution. Our team is eager to help in any way we can.

For help with Webbing, Buckles, Hooks or Assemblies or for any Engineered Fastenings or hardware for Medical Applications please contact our team of experts on +44 1623 551 800 or contact us by email.



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