The Role of Security Seals, Security Labels and Security Bags in Healthcare

Security Products Medical Applications

Two Key roles for Security Products in Healthcare

In Healthcare there are two things workers in this sector want Security Products to tell them about a package. Exactly what is in it? And has it tampered? with? Security Products in this sector can be a matter of life and death.

The products Jet Press can offer to the Healthcare Sector include Security Labels and Security Seals. This is a quick run through of the most common requirements in the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors and some of the products that will meet these requirements.


Bulk Products in Transit

The pharmaceutical industry, transports raw materials  in drums, tanks, and bulk containers. You can seal these with either a cargo type seal or a tamper-evident adhesive seal.

A typical drum of bulk dry medical ingredients might have a seal on a large drum and a secondary seal on the plastic liner inside the drum. If the outer seal is damaged in transit the inner seal will assure the integrity of the contents.

For the drum you could use our MRP2 Security Labels. You can be use them in almost any application. The polyester foil has a high tensile strength and will break easily around the security cuts if tampered with.

Security Seals Medical Applications
Or you could use MRS2 Security Labels. They have a soft white polyethylene face and uses the same very high tack adhesive as the MRP2. Similar security cuts are also included but there is a ‘stretch’ capability. This makes these Security Labels particularly suitable for applications where there might be some movement of the item or the surface area after the security seal has been applied.

Another option, is KNDM Non-Residue Void Labels. They are a Tamper-Evident Security Labels ideal for Road Transport and Air Cargo Security. They comply with Department for Transport (DfT) Single Direction on Cargo (SDoC) rules – effective from 1st September 2009.

Bag Security Seal Medical

For the plastic liner you could use any one of our bag security seals. For instance, a Bag Security Seal – Ultra Snap. You can use these high-strength, adjustable length Ultra Strap Bag Security Seals for various bag applications. Or you could use a Grip Seal – Security Seal. Each Grip Seal is identified by a unique, sequentially printed, alpha-numeric code, which gives an effective and low cost control system.


Smaller Items in Transit

You should protect Medical supplies like drugs, needles, face masks, test kits, protective clothing, medical devices, tools, etc. with tamper-evident and security seals. This is to detect and deter such things as contamination, spoilage, adulteration, pilfering, or loss from theft or handling errors.

Particularly critical are drugs and controlled substances, blood and biologic materials, and testing supplies or devices going to and from hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and pharmacies.

Asset Label Medical
Options to protect items like this include Flexible Vinyl Asset Labels, Semi-Rigid Moulding Asset Labels, Ultra Destruct Asset Labels, Multipurpose Over-Seal Asset Labels and Vinyl Asset Labels.


Within Hospitals and other Healthcare sites

Padlock Clip Medical
Hospitals use Plastic Padlock Seals  to seal medicine cabinets, “crash” carts and storage bins for supplies of all types. Each Plastic Padlock Seal that Jet Press supplies is identified by a unique, sequentially printed number. This provides an effective and low-cost control system.

Tote Box Seal Medical

People use Medical bags and tote boxes to transport items around or between sites. The Medical Bags from Jet Press are heavy duty, with padding to protect the contents. You can specify numbered or barcoded security clips. We can supply Tote Box Clips  sequentially numbered or with bar codes.

Security Clip Medical
You can use a tamper-evident adhesive security seal on medical equipment to label it after calibration or service. This shows the device has not been altered or accessed by others.


Disposal and Handling of Medical Waste

Clinical waste is stored and moved in a variety of containers including boxes, bags, pouches, and various specialised vessels. It is also covered by legislation which often requires the secure labelling of clinical waste.

The main legislation in the UK is the Environment Protection Act 1990 (including Duty of Care regulations). It states that all producers of waste have a Duty of Care to ensure the correct management of waste, including documenting the transfer of waste. There are also regulations regarding labelling in The Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012, The Hazardous Waste Directive and The Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations.

JET PRESS can supply a range of Bag Seals and other seals with traceability. This helps you to comply with UK legislation and similar rules in other jurisdictions.

There is a huge range of Security products so our team are on hand to help you select the right item. Contact us online or call our team of experts on +44 1623 551 800.


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