Our New ISO 9001:2015 And ISO 14001:2015 Standards

Under the leadership of our quality management team, we successfully completed the transition to the very latest ISO standards: ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. We thank the entire JET PRESS team for their excellent cooperation and continuous adherence in achieving the ISO standards.


ISO9001 quality management

ISO 9001 sets the standards required for a quality management system. It ensures organisations satisfy the needs of customers while fulfilling statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service.

Therefore, in order to receive this certificate, operational processes must be designed in a transparent manner. Consistent high quality products and services must be delivered along with excellent customer service.

JET PRESS are committed to supplying quality products and services. Our comprehensive documented quality procedures are continually reviewed to ensure we provide excellent quality parts and services. Our ISO 9001 status provides a stable platform for us to develop, enhance and control all our existing quality procedures.


ISO90011:2015 Jet Press


ISO14001 environmental management

ISO14001 is an internationally recognised quality standard for an effective environmental management system. Companies must have a structured management system to fulfil compliance obligations, address risks, opportunities and control their environmental impact.

Compliance with environmental legislation is an important aspect of obtaining this certificate. For us the reduction of waste, especially electronic waste and hazardous waste, is of essential importance. Moreover we keep our energy consumption as low as possible and the waste of water minimal.

We believe that every employee at JET PRESS has the responsibility to protect our environment. Our processes and procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure compliance and continuous improvement. We also encourage our employees to make suggestions for improving our operations.


ISO14001:2015 Jet Press

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