The New Accuride 2807 Server Slide. More Than 100% better.

Advances in technology outside the box

The standard width for rack mounted electronic components (19”) was set by the railway and telephone companies a hundred years ago. The height or “U” was standardised in the 1990’s. So newer, more powerful servers have to be deeper and heavier.

This sets challenges for everyone who has to work with server cabinets. We can now supply a new slide designed by Accuride for the latest generation of servers and similar rack mounted devices – the Accuride 2807 Server Slide.

Accuride Server Slide 2807

Does the way a server is mounted really matter?

This is like asking how important is technology? Tech failures regularly make the news because they can ground aircraft, cause chaos in banking or lead to massive loss of vital data. Glitch free access to servers in racks is important all the time and crucial if things go wrong. The Accuride 2807 Server Slide has a series of features which deliver significant benefits.

Server Server IT Member

Features of the new Accuride 2807 Server Slide

They combine to make it easier to install, maintain and repair servers. Firstly, the slide attaches to the server with no need for a shelf. This saves space in the rack and improves ventilation. The slide also has a low profile to suite 1U and 2U applications.

The improved load rating of 45kg, combined with 100%+ extension, mean you can safely pull the longer, heavier servers all the way out and access the back of the server from the front of the cabinet. This makes regular servicing, cleaning and updates easier, especially when combined with the lock-out and front disconnect features.

These server slides also offer snap fitting that is far quicker than screws or bolts. This makes installation easier and if you have to swap out servers during disaster recovery the time saving can make a critical difference.



Cost or investment?

Business critical tech failures are not directly caused by under performing slides. But, if you calculate the cumulative benefits of easier maintenance, then add in the potential benefits of quicker disaster recovery, paying for better slides begins to look like a wise investment.

JET PRESS has an excellent track record with Accuride so if you need to know more about this product we are well placed to help. For more information or to order slides please call +44 1623 551 800, email or contact us online.



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