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Cable Management
Cable management will be increasingly important for almost every engineer. Automotive engineers are currently facing the challenges of cable management in the new generations of Electric Vehicles (EVs) Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) and Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). Aero engine designers have already created electric engines with enough power density for flight times of 1 hour.  They are working on new hybrid-electric engines that will fly for hours.

All these new cables have to be managed and in some environments protected. JET PRESS has a very wide range of solutions for securing, managing and protecting pipes and cables.

Almost every industry uses power, video, data and other cables. The requirements are hugely diverse and so are the products from JET PRESS. All designed to help you manage and protect your cables.

Here are some of the top selling cable management products from JET PRESS.


Cable Edge Clips

Cable Edge Clips
There are over a hundred versions of Cable Edge Clips in the standard cable management range from JET PRESS. They are essentially very simple. Clip them onto the edge of a panel or an I-beam and a cable can then be attached. Some are designed to be removable. Most are metal, but plastic edge clips with metal inserts are also available.

You can use them in buildings to carry a wide range of domestic or industrial cables. They are also used extensively in machinery, domestic appliances and vehicles of every kind.


In-Air Cable Clips

In Air Cable Clips
When two or three cables are suspended between two points you need to manage them. You can use In-Air Cable Clips to clip a cable to its neighbour to keep cables safe and tidy. You can use them in domestic appliances, machinery, rolling stock and boats and a vast number of other possible applications.


Cable Glands

Cable Glands
When a cable passes through a panel there needs to be protection from dust or liquid ingress. You also need to protect the cable from wear and tear. In applications where there is vibration or movement this is particularly important. JET PRESS sells three main types of Cable Gland.

Stainless Steel Cable – Hygienic – Glands have no corners or edges where bacteria or microorganisms could be harboured. So you can use them in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  Our suppliers manufacture them using EHEDG and FDA compliant materials. This guarantees high resistance against the most common cleaning agents currently in use.

You can use Nylon Cable Glands to protect cables that pass through metal panels. When you combine them with the O-rings we supply they are IP68 compliant. IP (Ingress Protection) 6 means it is dust resistant. 8 confirms it can be immersed in 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

Nylon Cable Glands are available in a range of colours. This can help identify the right cable in manufacture and servicing. So, if you work in the electrical industry or design of domestic appliances you will find them very useful.

Domestic appliance and electrical product designers also use Brass Cable Glands extensively. The Brass Cable Glands we stock are also IP68 rated. You can expect high corrosion resistance from Brass Cable Glands.



Self Adhesive Cable Clips
Self- Adhesive Cable Clips are a very popular cable management product across a wide range of applications. As long as you have a clean, dry surface you can use them almost anywhere. And you don’t have to drill into the surface to attach them, though some have a fixing hole so you have the option to use a screw, bolt or rivet.

You can choose standard, locking or Adjustable Self-Adhesive Cable Clips. The standard and locking versions are single use. The Adjustable Self-Adhesive Cable Clips are more suitable when you want a clip that you can open, close or adjust to take different size cables or bundles of cable.

You can use these highly versatile clips almost anywhere. JET PRESS customers use them for domestic appliances, computers, air conditioning and domestic wiring.

These are just our best-selling Cable Clips. We have over 100 different kinds of clip in stock. Add in our Push-In Clip System which can be configured in many ways and there is almost no limit to the cable clip variations we can offer.


The Push-In Clip System

The system consists of a wide range of clips, cable ties, fixing bases and spacers with male or female mounting options. They snap together allowing you to manage cables of different sizes going in various directions.  You can design and build your own assembly. Or we can design an assembly based on your specification and supply the parts you need. Why not ask us to pre-assemble the parts and deliver the finished assembly, ready for you to use?

If you’d like to speak to our sales team, please call +44 1623 551800, email [email protected] or contact us online.






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