Saving the world one zip at a time

ZlideOn Zip Repair Kit

Zipper repair is one way to combat the climate crisis

How can ZlideOn zipper repair help combat the climate crisis that so many people from the UN to protesting teenagers are worried about? Well, the clothing industry is increasingly contributing to the problem. Garment consumption globally has increased by 400% in the last 20 years to 80 billion items. A single pair of jeans takes 11,000 litres of water to make including growing the cotton. And 20% of industrial water pollution comes from the clothing industry.

Polyester is a popular alternative to cotton but 70 million barrels of oil are used each year to make it and it takes 200 years to biodegrade if it goes into landfill. The clothing industry creates 1.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gasses each year.

As well as clothes  luggage, outdoor equipment and boat equipment use zips.



11 billion zips a year

This is an estimate of the global production of zips. Around 2-5% of these zips will fail, 90% will fail because of slider malfunction. In research conducted in Sweden in 2018 31% of consumers said they would throw away an item with a broken zip. And 15% said they would put it aside.
A ZlideOn repair is very easy and takes around half a minute. The garment or other item gets a new lease of life and a little less damage is done to the environment.


A range of sizes of ZlideOn zip repairs


A zipper repair kit can save the day – or a life

Zips are everywhere. A broken zip can be a big problem – and an expensive one – for all sorts of people. Broken zips on tents, motorcycle clothing, golf bags and wet suits can ruin a day out. Or even a whole holiday. Zipper fails on expensive jackets, shoes or even a favourite pair of jeans can be very annoying.

A zip can be a critical point of failure for a soldier in a cold climate, especially sleeping bag zips. As part of NATO, the British Army has deployed to Estonia and a crucial bit of kit is a good sleeping bag. Warmth and sleep are quite literally a matter of life and death to soldiers in these sub-zero temperatures. So what happens if the zip breaks when they are out on patrol? The soldiers fix it with a ZlideOn Zip Repair kit.


People are talking about fixing zips

For all these reasons people are talking with JET PRESS about ZlideOn Zip Repairs. From cobblers and dry cleaners that do repairs, to retail giants selling outdoor clothing and equipment, motorcycle gear and sailing goods – people are talking about ZlideOn.

JET PRESS can supply all of the ZlideOn product range including Coil Zips, Metal Zips and Plastic Zips. We can deliver them in bulk, in kits of various sizes or in bespoke packaging for retailers. Family packs for people to keep at home or take on holiday in case of emergencies are becoming popular.


It is important to use the correct size of ZlideOn, there is a guide here and instructions on how to measure a zip here.
You can see the range of ZlideOn products along with other fasteners and components available from JET PRESS here. If you would like to discuss your requirements please call +44 1623 551800, email or use our online enquiry form.


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