JET PRESS Cuts Cost Using A Personalised Solution

Our service to customers extends beyond delivering high quality products. Our dedicated product experts will support you in maximising your in-place product savings when incorporating JET PRESS products into your manufacturing processes.


The Situation

On a recent visit Steve Price, one of our Account Managers, worked with a client to increase efficiency and achieve long-term cost savings. The client, a leading industrial manufacturer, purchases premium Accuride telescopic slides, with a rolling ball feature from us.

Following a review of the slide’s use in the customer’s factory, our consultant deduced that by altering the delivered configuration of Accuride slides, significant improvements would be made within the manufacturing process.


The Process to be Optimised

The slides were originally delivered, as standard, with the inner and outer slide paired together. On delivery these paired slides were then separated by the client and each one was sent to two different work stations to be mounted into the cabinet. This process required an additional pre-sorting station which added to the overall cost and build-time.


The Personalised Solution

To improve the process our consultant suggested to the client that the slides could be separated before delivery. All the inner rails would arrive in one carton and all the outer ones in another.

JET PRESS created a customised delivery solution that allowed delivery of the telescopic slides direct to the appropriate work station. This removed the need for pre-sorting. The client was able to reduce processing costs and reallocated resource with this new simplified procedure.


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Steve Price Jet Press Slaes Manager for accuride Accuride Slides from Jet Press

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