A New Revolutionary Panel Mounting System – Hidden, Flexible & Reliable

Panel Mounting Clip Systems Fastmount

The new Fastmount panel mounting clip system from JET PRESS offers a wide range of clips and sockets for applications demanding a hidden fixing. This system was developed for use in luxury yachts, where the rigours of ocean travel and high aesthetics required a first-class system.

Since then the Fastmount system has proven itself in a wide range of applications; like wall panels, ceiling panels, shop-fitting, office furniture, industrial and automotive uses, acoustic screens and for the fitting of super light-weight panels.


The 6 top features for your application

1. Hidden – Fastmount offers accurate positioning of panels and can be mounted behind the panel offering a superior finish.

2. Easy to install – Tools are available to optimise and save time in the fitting and removal process.

3. Strong – Fastmount is a safe and secure fixing system, which will hold a heavy weight whilst allowing the fixed panel to flex and move. This movement prevents the damage caused from strains or detachment.

4. CompatibleJET PRESS offers a wide range of Fastmount clip and sockets all of which are compatible in all coupled combinations so you can find exactly the right solution for your needs.

5. Reliable – Costs of replacements are reduced as Fastmount uses hardwearing polymer materials allowing multiple removals and attachments.

6. Choice – In addition to the standard range of Fastmount fixings, JET PRESS can supply you with more tailored options. Low profile clips are available where less depth is required and the metal clip range offers fire protection and very high load bearing properties.

Request a sample kit and see how Fastmount from JET PRESS will improve your panel application. To get your Fastmount Trial Kit, buy Fastmount or just to ask a question please call us on +44 1623 551 800 contact us here.


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