Palnut Locking Nuts And Nord-Lock Locking Washers

Palnut Regular Lock Nuts_Assembly

Keep Nuts and Bolts in Place where Movement or Vibration is a Problem

When something is bolted in place it’s meant to stay put. But movement or vibration can lead to nuts and bolts working loose, with potentially catastrophic results. Any moving part close to a bolt may cause vibration which in turn can loosen the bolt. Movement, like an electricity pylon swaying in the wind or repeated acceleration and deceleration leads to a changing dynamic load, which will loosen bolts.

Palnut Lock Nuts or Nord-Lock Washers from JET PRESS are used to prevent loosening.


Palnut Locknuts DIN 7967

Palnut Regular Lock Nuts - DIN7967These are used with a nut, or for applications below M6 (around 6mm), on their own. They free spin onto a bolt using finger pressure then are tightened a third to half a turn using a wrench. The galvanised Palnut Lock Nuts are slightly oversize so they still free spin despite the anti-corrosion coating.

The force generated by the Lock-Nut being tightened down pushes the teeth of the thread form down the thread helix of the bolt. This results in the ends of the teeth biting into the root of the thread. This generates a reproducible locking force.

The Palnut distorts slightly when locking into place; because it has changed shape you can see it has been fully tightened. Hot dip Galvanised Palnut Regular Lock Nuts give corrosion resistance equivalent to 1,000 hours of salt spray so they are ideal for extreme outdoor environments.

Compared with some other Locking Nuts, the Palnut is relatively inexpensive. Because you don’t need to use a torque wrench there are potential savings in time and money during installation. These Palnuts meet the DIN 7967 standard.

Nord-Lock Locking Washers DIN 25210

These are supplied as a pair of washers with faces that lock when the nut or bolt is tightened. Which ensures vibration or dynamic loads don’t cause the nut or bolt to loosen. They are suitable for Tapped Holes, Counterbores, Through-holes, Stud Bolts and applications with large/slotted holes or soft underlying surfaces.

Assembly with Nord-Lock Washers is easy and they can be reused up to five times. They meet the DIN 25201 standard and there are versions for a wide range of threads and diameters.

Where Palnuts and Nord-Lock Locking Washers are used

Nord-Lock Washers for Nuts - DIN 25201Locking Nuts and Locking Washers can be used in a wide range of applications. JET PRESS customers have used Hot Dipped Galvanised Palnuts for electricity pylons where weather resistance is crucial. We have also provided colour coded Palnuts for use in construction so there is an easy way to identify bolt size and track which Lock Nuts have been replaced.

Nord-Lock Washers are used in a very wide range of applications. For instance we supply them to a customer who manufactures power supplies. These are incorporated into a range of military or civilian vehicles and medical situations.

You can see the range of Palnut Locking Nuts and Nord-Lock Locking Washers, along with other fasteners and components available from JET PRESS. If you would like samples or help specifying the best solution please call +441623 551 800 or contact us online.



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