A Guide to Fasteners for Medical Equipment and PPE

Fasteners for Medical Equipment

Fasteners for Personal Protection Equipment and other Medical Equipment

Fasteners for Medical Equipment are a key element in the fight against COVID 19 around the world. Designers and engineers are pivoting from the production of jet engines, earth movers and fashion clothing to ventilators and Personal Protection Equipment. JET PRESS has been supplying to the medical equipment sector for 25 years.

Here is a guide to items JET PRESS can supply for prototyping or manufacture. Many of these items are in stock but we can also find alternative solutions from our extensive list of global suppliers.

If you would like to know more about any of these products or help with bespoke solutions please contact us.



Self-Piercing Snap Rivets

You can use Self-Piercing snap rivets to attach textiles, thin card or paper. These have potential for use as Fasteners for Personal Protection Equipment like masks and visors.

They are easy to use. The sharp point of the male stud pierces the material fits into the female collar. Then you snap off the sharp point to create a clean fixing.

Ideal for use in the assembly of face masks.

Mini Rivets

Mini Rivets are useful for fastening rigid and compressible materials. Like Snap Rivets they consist of 2 parts and are very easy to use. You just snap them together. They come in a range of sizes.

Ideal for use in the assembly of face visors.

Cord End Stoppers

When you use a cord, typically in PPE, a Cord End Stopper helps the wearer to pull the cord. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different cords. Simply thread the cord through the Cord End Stopper and tie a knot in the end of the cord.


Spring Cord Locks – Double

A Spring Cord Lock allow the wearer to tighten or loosen cords on clothing. You have probably come across them on clothing or sports-wear.


Spring Cord Locks – Single

Again, you may have seen Spring Cord Locks – Single used in sports-wear, shoes and rucksacks. They are a very easy way to allow the wearer to adjust cords in clothing. Manufactured from Acetal, they are sturdy and lightweight.


DOT Fasteners

You can attach Personal Protection Equipment to the person using DOT Fasteners which is useful for first responders. DOT fasteners or press studs are ideal for fastening fabric to fabric. There is a wide range of DOT Fasteners, each with particular features.

Durable Dot Snap Fastener Press Studs
We can supply the tools for attaching DOT Fasteners.


Hook and Loop tape

We can provide self-adhesive or sew on hook and loop tape in a range of sizes. This is useful in a range of PPE applications. There are fire retardant options.



As well as black polypropylene webbing we can provide a range of metal and plastic buckles, D-rings, Snap Hooks, Snap Hook Buckles and we can put together Strap Assemblies for you.


Security Seals and Labels

These Security Seals and Labels can be used to ensure tamper evidence and traceability of clinical waste, blood, documents and the movement of drugs in hospitals.


Hardware and Fasteners regularly used in the Medical Sector

Castors are used on bedside tables and drug dispensing cabinets allowing free movement of these units in hospitals

Gas Struts – providing tilt, support and height / angle adjustment on a wide variety of ward and operating theatre equipment, including;

• Wheelchairs and patient handling chairs
• Operating theatre beds
• Overbed tables
• Dispensing cabinets
• Mobile workstations
• In theatre monitor and lighting arms.

Accuride Drawer Slides suitable for many access applications including ward storage solutions, mobile workstations, and disinfection boxes.   Accuride key features are ideally suited to medical environments;

• Two way slides allow access from either side
• Stainless steel runners are ideal for sterile environments
• Lock in features ensure mobile storage systems remain secure whilst in transit
• High load capacity drawer slides ensure limited storage space is maximised.

Sigma T-nuts and Insert nuts – used in the assembly of medical furniture, watch our video to see the Sigma Floor Rivet T-Nut Insertion Machine in use

Metal & Plastic Fasteners – used in the assembly of a wide variety of fabricated metal enclosures for control systems on medical equipment.

Cable, Pipe & Hose Fasteners – used to secure electrical, air, and liquid piping used in medical equipment, such as ventilators.


Bespoke products and innovative solutions

We have in house design and manufacturing resources at JET PRESS. Our team would like nothing more than to help you solve problems in the design and manufacture of essential equipment.

Two leading British manufacturing companies and a specialist engineering design consultancy are working on the design and production of a ventilator. We were able to recommend a Cable and Pipe Clip Retainer with a flange to solve a particular problem.

The JET PRESS team are available to send you free samples for any of the above products or are happy to discuss the most appropriate fastener or component for your medical application. Please send us an email or call Emma for all UK enquiries or John who is dealing with all our Export customers.



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