New From JET PRESS – Your Heyco Cable And Hose Management Products


As Heyco’s newly appointed European distributor, we are delighted to bring you this market-leading range of cable and hose management products.

With over 75 years’ experience, Heyco is one of the leading manufacturers of moulded wire protection products and stamped electrical components. Heyco use the latest technologically advanced equipment to produce high-quality components.

JET PRESS constantly strives to pay close attention to your application requirements and demands for first class products. As a result, we have enhanced our fastener and components portfolio to include this tried-and-tested range of components.

Cable & Hose Management

Heyco Universal Bushings Heyco Shorty Bushings Heyco Vent Plugs

Cable and hose management products include a range of Snap Bushings, Shorty Bushings, Universal Bushings and Snub Bushings. Manufactured to absorb vibration, insulate, cushion and protect cables from sharp metal edges when running through panels.

It is noteworthy that Shorty Bushings have a lower overall height and occupy less space inside the application and protrude less through the mounting holes. Snub Bushings operate in a slightly different way, they open to accept the cable and then close firmly when installed. Installation of Bushings is straightforward, they simply snap-lock into the panel with fingertip pressure.


Need to close/seal unwanted holes in panels?

Our range of Dome Plugs and Vent Plugs are quick and easy to install with just fingertip pressure. Vent Plugs permit the passage of air for ventilation and heat dissipation. These products are available to fit a range of hole diameters.

Further additions to the cable and hose management products are Strain Relief Bushings. A choice of styles is available; Strain Relief Bushings for Round Cables, Strain Relief Bushings for Flat Cables and RDD Lockit™ Strain Relief Bushings. These make sure cables are securely anchored and protected from the forces of pull, push, and twist that may be exerted on the flexible power cord. Most importantly, this extends the lifetime of your electric/electronics products.

Heyco Strain Relief Bushing_round cables

Our customer service and technical support team are highly trained to provide you with the ideal product for your cable and hose management requirements.

For quotations, samples, technical information or placing orders, please call us on +44 1623 551 800 or contact us online.

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