New Accuride Stainless Steel Slide DS3557

DS3557 New Stainless Steel Slide

Accuride® International, the leading global manufacturer of telescopic ball bearing slides has introduced a new range of high quality stainless steel drawer slides. These DS3557 stainless steel slides feature a slim design and are now available from JET PRESS.


Accuride Stainless Steel Drawer Slide DS3557


Manufactured from stainless steel grade 316, DS3557 slides are resistant to chemical chloride solutions and also offer resistance to pitting. Therefore, these slides are ideal for chemical, marine and military applications as they are well suited to harsh environments.

Additionally, 316 stainless steel is almost non-magnetic and consequently these slides are a highly desirable product to use within electronic enclosure applications. Also, stainless steel 316 provides increased strength at elevated temperatures along with antibacterial properties. This will satisfy the demands required in food and medical applications.

Other features of the stainless steel DS3357 slide include a load rating of up to 90kg. Slides are available in lengths of 305mm to 660mm. Over-travel is achieved through a 100%+ extension allowing the drawers to open in excess of the slide length. For the safety of employees and equipment, this slide is designed with a lock-out feature ensuring the slide does not roll back whilst in the open position.

Furthermore, Accuride DS3557 drawer slide is pinch free with a spring disconnect making installation quick and easy. It allows effortless access for maintenance, service or repairs therefore significantly reducing working hours and improving client efficiency.

Space is always a crucial aspect for design engineers, for that reason this slide is manufactured with a slide thickness of 12.7mm giving you as much flexibility as possible.


What we can do for you!

JET PRESS provide you with a Fast Find allowing you to filter our extensive range of Accuride slides. This search only shows the slides that have the essential features you need for your application. We also provide a dedicated section for a range of stainless steel slides.

Customers have access to our 3D CAD download facility and our technical sales managers are always on hand to help with your application or any questions you have.

The new Accuride DS3557 Slide is supplied from stock in our Nottinghamshire warehouse for next working day delivery. For further information please call us on +44 1623 551 800 or contact us here.

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