How Sigma T-Nut Systems Pay For themselves

T-Nut Insertion for Furniture Legs

A major UK company saves money using T-Nut Insertion Machines from JET PRESS

T-Nut Insertion Machines using Sigma Rivet T-Nuts represent an investment. But our customer, a major furniture manufacturer in the UK, had a problem with returns. They sent out sofas with detailed instructions for the end user to use when attaching the feet. Even with clear instructions customers often fitted the feet wrongly then sat on the sofa. This forced the conventional T-Nuts out of the timber.

The company had to pay to collect the sofas, which was expensive enough. Then, not only did they have to replace the T-Nut but in most cases they had to remove and replace the upholstery which is time consuming and expensive. And their customers had nothing to sit on while all this was going on, so they weren’t happy.

T-Nut Insertion Sequence


Sigma T-nut systems to the rescue

We implemented a proven solution for our customer. Rivet T-Nuts are almost impossible to push out, so they are widely used for castors and feet on sofas and chairs, securing headboards, joining divan bases and fixing bed legs.

Our team worked closely with the sofa manufacturer to calculate the ideal combination of barrel length, flair pin and pressure to deliver what the customer needed. Then we recommended the correct T-Nut Insertion Machines for the volume of work.

We included delivery of the T-Nut Insertion Machines, along with installation, training and full technical support in the price. We also provide an annual service free of charge for as long as they use the machines with Sigma T-Nuts.

This was a significant investment for the company but they have told us the savings have already outweighed the cost.

T-Nut Insertion Machine Tabletop


Which T-Nut system will work for you?

We supply a range of machines. From Table Top T-Nut Insertion Machines versions that can achieve up to 1,000 insertions an hour to Drill, Drive and Rivet Insertion Machines for high volume, high accuracy applications.

Our large stock of T-Nuts in a wide range of sizes is held in the UK so we can work with you to schedule deliveries to match your demand. This, along with the time saved by using our machines will ensure you get a good payback on your investment.

You can see the range of T-Nuts and machines offered by JET PRESS. If you would like samples of T-Nuts or would like to speak to an expert about our T-Nut systems please call +44 1623 551 800, email or contact us online.



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