How Knobs and Handles are used in Medical Applications

Knobs Handles Medical Applications

Jet Press have a wide range of Knobs and Handles suitable for Medical Applications

You will find Knobs and Handles in a huge range of Medical Applications. They are in use throughout hospitals and beyond. Designers and Engineers use them in Hospital Beds for adjustment. Also, you’ll see Knobs and handles used for Medical Applications including IV pump pole clamps, Oxygen tank metering, Oxygen tank handles and for lamp or fixture adjustment.

Beyond the hospital you will find Knobs and Handles used in Dental and Physiotherapy equipment.


Materials and Features that benefit Medical Applications

Our range includes a broad offer of plastic and metal materials comprising of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, nylon, polypropylene and polished chrome finishes. Available in numerous shapes and styles including grab handles, U shape handles, surface mount handles, machine handles, ledge, foot step and furniture handles.

Stainless Steel is valuable in environments where hygiene is critical. Various Knobs and Handles are heat resistant. This is a benefit for Medical Applications where heat is used to sterilise equipment. Some like the Push-Pull Knobs Fine Knurl are designed to be easy to use even when the operator is wearing protective gloves.

The JET PRESS range of thermoplastic and phenolic (Duroplast or Bakelite) Knobs are suitable for thread sizes from M6 to M12. From clamping knobs and grip knobs, to spinner knobs and ball knobs, it is very likely we have a suitable knob for your application.


Some of our popular Knobs and Handles

Ergonomic Clamping Handles

Ergonomic Clamping Handle
These Ergonomic Clamping Handles are operated by a lift and rotate movement. Ergonomically designed, these handles are manufactured from high-impact-resistant thermoplastic in a matt black finish.

Adjustable clamping handles consist of a lever, ratchet and button. Depressing the button and lifting the lever disengages the ratchet mechanism allowing the operator to relocate the handle position. They come with a red plastic cap as standard and offer complete electrical insulation for the user.


Bridge Handles

Bridge Handle

These Bridge Handles are manufactured from chrome plated steel, combining strength and durability with a modern design. With a female threaded insert for fixing with screws from the rear. Bridge Handles are supplied with nickel plated dress rings, screws and washers. Typical applications include cabinets and electrical equipment.


Aluminium Lobe Knobs

Aluminium Lobe Knob
Robust and functional, these highly-polished Aluminium Lobe Knobs are manufactured with a female thread. They offer good grip with the lobed design and have an attractive finish. Suitable for a variety of applications such as medical aids where ease of operator adjustment is important.


Ball Knobs

Ball Knob

Classic Ball Knobs are perfect for a wide variety of gripping and shaft applications. The Moulded Ball Knobs are manufactured from high-quality duroplast in a gloss finish, whilst the Brass Insert and Knock-on type are manufactured from high-impact-thermoplastic in a matt finish. Threaded Ball Knobs have an internal metric thread whilst the Knock-on type are easily assembled onto a plain shaft by use of a plastic hammer, eliminating threading operations. Once fitted, they are not prone to rotate or loosen with use or vibration. They are suitable for any use with levers, handles or shafts.

See our full range of Knobs and Handles or request a copy of our Industrial Hardware Catalogue where the full range is featured along with other key JET PRESS products like Accuride Drawer Slides and Gas Struts.

For help with any enquiries or samples for Knobs and Handles or any of our other products please contact our team of experts on +44 1623 551 800 or contact us by email.

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