Our New Hook And Loop Cable Ties

Hook and Loop Cable Ties

A Hook and Loop Cable Tie is a type of fastener designed to hold items such as electric cables or wires together. JET PRESS introduce a new range of these Hook and Loop Cable Ties to complement its existing range of engineered and standard cable ties.


Cable Management with Hook and Loop Cable Ties

Manufactured in the UK, these Hook and Loop Cable Ties keep cables neat and tidy. Free from tangling, intertwining and from damaging kinks. With an eyelet for feeding onto the cable, it loops around and remains attached to one of the cables within the bundle. This is useful for coiling and storing of the cables on a regular basis.

Installation is quick and easy and requires no tools. Releasable and reusable, they can be used time and time again. This makes them perfect for use in temporary installations such as cable management for concert halls, automotive, marine, janitorial and office furniture applications.

Furthermore, easy to adjust and reposition, these cable ties are a cost-effective solution. Manufactured from nylon ensures a soft method of bundling which eliminates damage to cables. Therefore, these cable ties are suitable for use in network applications and telecommunications especially where fibre optic cables are used.

In addition, these Hook and Loop Cable Ties are high-quality and provide a secure hold. Appropriately used to hold temporary harness in aircraft where easily 500km of cables need to be secured. Similarly, these Hook and Loop Cable Ties benefit automotive applications as they are used to secure harness or trim.

Since manufactured from nylon in black, these hook and loop cable ties are weather resistant and also protect cables against damage from over-tensioning and chafing. Available in 150mm, 200mm and 300mm lengths to meet every requirement.

If you are looking for Hook and Loop Tape, we supply a range of self-adhesive and sew-on products. For further reusable cable ties, please have a look at our Releasable Cable Ties.

The new Hook and Loop Cable Ties are supplied from stock in our UK warehouse for next working day delivery. For further information please call us on +44 1623 551 800 or contact us here.

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