Engineered Fasteners are Getting People Back to Work

Components for bikes

COVID19 is triggering a big increase in demand for bikes, electric bikes and similar personal transport vehicles. JET PRESS is always keen to help designers, engineers and manufacturers improve products and processes with the right Engineered Fastener.

Cycle-to-work schemes have seen a 200% increase from people working for the emergency services. Halfords shares shot up 23% thanks to people buying bikes for leisure and commuting. But is this just a temporary blip?

The return to work has boosted the demand for individual, emission-free, socially distanced transport. According to Jonathan Cole the Managing Director of bike retailer Velorution, when speaking on the BBC Radio 4 business programme The Bottom Line – the change is here to stay. He says the urban bikers coming to his London stores are a new breed of cyclists. They want comfortable, practical vehicles and electric bikes are a popular option. Engineered Fasteners are playing a role in cycling back to work.


Cycling infrastructure

Even before the COVID 19 crisis, cities around the world introduced measures to make cycling easier. This has accelerated in 2020 and looks like it will be a permanent change. For instance, Some UK cities have taken over one car lane of a dual carriageway for cyclists. Paris is rolling out 650 kilometres (400 miles) of cycleways. Milan announced that it will make 35km (22 miles) of city centre streets permanently cycle and pedestrian only by this summer.

The UK government has also brought forward shared e-scooter trials that will now run in summer 2020.


Components for bikes

Pipe Clip

Many of the parts JET PRESS holds in stock are suitable for use in bikes and bike manufacture. Tube Inserts and End Caps are suitable for frames and handlebars. You can use Armoured Control Clips for brake and gear cables. Tumbler Locks are more resistant to picking than standard locks so you can use them for bike locks.


We also stock a huge range of Cable Clips and Pipe Clips including Hook and Loop Cable Ties that can be used for bikes, electric bikes and e-scooters.

Business Development Manager Tim Hearn says JET PRESS wants to work with bike industry Designers and Engineers to overcome a range of challenges. “It’s about more than fasteners and components.” He says. “With over 20,000 items in our standard range, we probably have what you need. If not, we can source it or manufacture it. The real value we deliver is in working with designers to overcome challenges in new ways.”


Challenges for bike designers

Some of the challenges that JET PRESS can help with are familiar. Like Safety by Design, error prevention in manufacturing and cost reduction. New challenges like lightweighting and Ecodesign are becoming increasingly important.

Weight reduction is a key factor in the design of bikes for professional riders. Some of this technology is now being applied to more everyday bikes. Techniques like the use of carbon fibre have implications for the fasteners you might use. Our team is happy to advise you on the best options.

Ecodesign is all about design practices that reduce the use of energy and resources in the manufacture and use of products. It also extends to end of life applications for the product. Engineered fasteners can have a significant impact on Ecodesign. Many engineered fasteners can be recycled or even reused when the product has reached the end of its useful life while bonding and adhesives hinder recycling.

Components for bicycles

Most designers, especially in the world of cycling, will welcome Eco Design. But soon it may not become an option. The EU is introducing legislation to make Ecodesign mandatory and countries including the USA, Australia, Brazil, China and Japan have similar legislation.

If you would like to talk to our team about any aspect of bike design or production please call +44 1623 551800 email or contact us online.



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