DOT Fasteners Pop Up Everywhere

Press Stud Applications

Where DOT Fasteners are used and how to fit them.

Durable DOT Press Studs, Pull the Dot Fasteners, Lift the Dot Fasteners and Common Sense Turnbuttons are all DOT Fasteners that are a part of our life, even if we don’t always notice them.

When you throw your leg over a Triumph or fire up a classic MG, Press Studs are involved. Slip behind the wheel of a luxury modern vehicle and the quiet cabin depends on DOT Fasteners. Maybe you have a yacht? Or maybe a dingy or a cruiser? You will use press studs and other fasteners to keep your vessel ship shape.

And a wide range of work wear, military clothing and military kit depends on DOT Fasteners of various types. In fact anywhere you want to fasten fabric to fabric, or leather or sometimes to other materials, DOT Fasteners can be used. And JET PRESS supplies a comprehensive range of fasteners.


On your bike

A lot of motorbike riders wear protective leather jackets and gloves that incorporate Press Studs. Classic biker jackets are not just protective wear, they are fashion items. The Nickel plated Press Studs are an essential part of the look and JET PRESS supplies the leading brands with Press Studs and a range of other fasteners for jackets, gloves and boots.


Classic cars, modern cars & boats

If you like the wind in your hair it’s great to drive a classic convertible or a modern cabriolet with the top down. But a fabric top is less sturdy than wood and metal so hoods and tonneau covers quite often need fixing or replacing, using DOT Fasteners. And many boats have covers and awnings that need similar maintenance. We supply DOT fasteners ideally suited to corrosive environments.

DOT Common Sense Fasteners
JETPRESS supplies DOT Fasteners to car restorers, car manufacturers and boat chandlers. One customer designs and builds acoustic and thermal systems for cars. Because they use sophisticated fabrics in their designs, they use fasteners supplied by us to fix them in the vehicle.


Clothing that works with you

Clothing designed for the work place needs to perform. And there is no more demanding work place than a battlefield. Workwear items like jackets and overalls use Press studs for ease of dressing and undressing and to secure pockets or flaps. You can attach Personal Protection Equipment like helmets and goggles to the person using DOT Fasteners.

Durable Dot Snap Fastener Press Studs
For military kit Lift the DOT and Pull the DOT Fasteners can be specified for functions like ammo pouch closures or weapon harnesses. A Lift the DOT Fastener will only release when you press the centre of the fastening. Pull the DOT fasteners will only release when pulled in the correct direction, so neither can be released accidentally.


How do you fasten a Fabric Fastener?

JET PRESS supply a range of Attaching Tools to fit DOT Fasteners. For the lowest volumes of fastener installation, most of our customers will use a Hand Tool Bed and Punch. Fix the tool holder to a bench then place the bottom tool for the button or eyelet in the holder. Then assemble the parts by hand before using a punch and hammer to fix the parts together. You have to pre-punch the fabric.

An M840 Snapmaster hand press with a top and bottom anvil and a handle will self-pierce most fabrics. Because it’s portable and hand held you can use it for working in restricted places and carrying out repairs.

A Manual Foot Press will greatly increase the number of parts that can be attached per hour. The machine has a top and bottom anvil and the operator sits in front of the machine and operates it by foot. This allows for two handed loading and aligning of parts.

Press Stud Insertion Manual Foot Press
If you would like samples or help selecting the right studs or tools please call +44 1623 551 800, email or contact us online.


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