Choosing the right Insert Nut for the Job

insert nuts

Insert nuts are a proven solution for providing a machine thread in wood and other materials. JET PRESS provides a wide selection of insert nuts manufactured from metal or plastic. The different designs have features that provide different benefits to suit the widest variety of needs.

Find the best insert nut to match your requirements.

An insert nut provides a fixed thread for use in timber – it couldn’t be simpler, right? Well, there’s a little bit more to think about when selecting the correct part for your job.

The thread size and length of insert are often determined by the fixings being used and the timber thickness, but further options are available to match your requirements.

Consider the forces in play in the joint where the insert is to be used. If it’s a fairly lightweight application, an A Type or B Type Knock-in insert may well be suitable. The main advantage of using these is the simplicity and speed of insertion. Tap into a pre-drilled hole to fix the insert into the timber. The external barbs will prevent spinning and offer a good level of pull out force. The A-Type Inserts are unheaded allowing the entirety of the fitting to be embedded in the timber, so a flush fit is possible. The B-Type has a flanged head which can prevent pull-through when bolted from the underside.

Screw-in Type D and Type E insert nuts offer a greater degree of hold-in and a higher resistance to vibration, thanks to the external, self-tapping thread. The flange on the D-Type ensures that the insert is screwed tightly up to the timber surface whilst the Type E can be fully embedded within the pre-drilled hole.

We also stock a variety of specialist parts which may be more suitable for your application. End capped Type I inserts offer a neat finish where the head is visible. Large flanged inserts spread load across a larger surface area on heavy duty assemblies. Expanding brass Type X inserts will grip tighter into a pre drilled hole as the fixing bolt is screwed in. For lighter work, there’s a plastic Type P push-in insert which gives a cost-effective alternative to heavier duty steel parts.

So, a few minutes spent choosing the right part can make all the difference to your finished work. If you’d like help choosing the right insert nut, please contact us and we’ll be happy to offer some advice.

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