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Lifting the Hood on Cable Management Solutions

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Look under the bonnet of a car and you will see plenty of cables and hoses. There is around a mile of electrical cable in a modern car and when you add all the hoses. That’s a lot to manage.  Vehicles like tractors and backhoe loaders are no less complex. All sorts of vehicles now have multiple systems like cameras and auto parking and farm machinery is increasingly controlled by satellite. There is a real need for flexible cable management solutions.

Of course cable management is an issue in many other areas. This includes boats, machinery, electrical equipment, industrial machinery and domestic appliances.

Swivel Clip Systems from JET PRESS can play a key role in managing cables and hoses.


When do you need a Swivel Clip?

If cables and hoses cross, for instance an HT lead passing a radiator hose under a car bonnet, a Swivel Clip is the ideal management solution. The clip can cope with the movement and vibration in a vehicle and keep them far enough apart so heat is not a problem. They are also very handy for holding cables and hoses of different diameters in parallel.


A clip or a system?

In a mass-produced vehicle requiring multiple Swivel Clips that are not available as standard, it makes sense to go to the expense of designing and manufacturing a new clip. But for more specialist vehicles, or one-off requirements, it can make sense to create an assembly using the Swivel Clip System from JET PRESS. There are many elements in the system that can be combined to solve almost any cable and hose management challenge.


Specification, DIY or pre-assembled?

Push In Swivel Clip - Male Straight Adjustable

There are many options in the Swivel Clip System, so if you contact us with drawings we are happy to specify the parts you need. Or you can design and build your own assembly. Decide the configuration of your clip assembly then select the parts you need. If the part you need is not available in the correct gender you can use a gender converter.

If cost or practical considerations mean that putting the clip together yourself is an issue, talk to us. JET PRESS can deliver them to you already assembled.

You can see the range of Swivel Clip System products along with other fasteners and components available from JET PRESS. If you would like samples or help designing the right assembly please call +44 1623 551 800, email sales@jetpress.com or use our online enquiry form.


swivel clip cable management solution

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