An Ocean Going Panel Mounting Clip Hits The Road

Panel Mounting Clips for Busses

A Panel Mounting Clip designed for yachts is ideal for public transport

Fastmount developed a Panel Mounting Clip to attach panels in super yachts. In this environment they have to be easy to install and remove. But equally important they have to fit precisely, look good and stay put during a storm at sea. Fastmount have developed a special Panel Mounting System – the VL-03 Very Low Profile clip system – for the Recreational Vehicle sector. It uses adhesive fixings with screw options and is well suited to CNC machined panels.

One of our customers has used these Fastmount Panel Mounting Clips for a public transport application.


Designers use a Fastmount Panel Mounting Clip from JET PRESS

Fixing a Perspex panel inside a bus might not seem like a great challenge, until you look into the details. The designers needed a Panel Mounting System that would meet several key criteria.

Low Profile Panel Mounting Clip

Firstly, the panel had to be removable – by technicians, but not passengers. So a clip system was the best choice based on functionality, safety and looks. But the greatest challenge for the design team was to make sure the panel did not rattle or squeak. Fastmount Low Profile Clips from JET PRESS do the job.

The panels are Perspex. The male fixing is glued to the panel and the female part is screwed to the main body of the vehicle. It was tested at the famous Millbrook Proving Ground; driving a vehicle along the cobbled section of the city course feels a lot like being in a force 10 gale. The Fastmount Panel Mounting Clips made sure the panels didn’t rattle, even under these challenging conditions.

There is a large range of Fastmount Panel Mounting Clips and Panel Mounting Systems, all available from us. Designers, engineers and architects are using them in an ever increasing number of applications.


Savings on seats

One of our customers – a furniture manufacturer – has started to use Fastmount Panel Mounting Clips to deliver multiple cost savings. Their manufacturing process now takes 15 minutes instead of the 45 minutes it took when they used adhesives. But the greatest saving is for their customer, a large restaurant chain. If a chair panel is worn or damaged they simply unclip it and replace it with a new panel, resulting is big cost savings.



A better built environment

Low Profile Male Panel Mounting ClipArchitects like using a Fastmount Panel Mounting Clip for a wide range of reasons. For instance they ensure a perfect finish and alignment and the fittings are completely hidden. Fastmount clips have made it practical to use panels in more creative ways.

In the University of Auckland Science Building the architectural design studio involved were able to mount large vertical veneer panels because of the high sheer strength and variable gap of the Fastmount PC-VM1. Two Panel Safe Easy Fits are used for each of the large panels for added safety. And when architects want to use curved or complex panels these Panel Mounting Clips are especially useful.

Panels secured with a Fastmount Panel Mounting Clip can be removed easily, time after time, for maintenance access. And you can remove them and replace them in any sequence.


Building a reputation

There are plenty of other benefits in the build phase. You can install panels after other trades so onsite installation time can be greatly reduced. For projects like a refit in a shop or a hotel, where every day of work represents a loss of revenue, this is a big deal.

Another project where Fastmount clips were used to overcome unusual challenges was a hospital refit. All the beds needed new headboards. These are highly functional components in a hospital because of the services that have to be housed behind them; including wires for monitoring equipment, light and power. The headboards have to be removed frequently and sometimes replaced to renew or update systems.

Plus – all the headboards had to be replaced in a very short time during a Christmas shutdown.

The solution was to cover the existing headboards with new ones using the Fastmount Low Profile LP-08 clip system. This allowed the panels to be mounted robustly, precisely and quickly. The shear load was excellent and the solution looked good.



Fastmount is really taking off

Wins for Fastmount in design competitions around the world for the marine industry and beyond, has led designers in new industries to look at these tried and tested fasteners. Fastmount are currently working with several aircraft manufacturers to develop a range of panel mounting clips for the aviation industry.

You can see the range of Fastmount products along with other fasteners and components available on our website. If you would like to discuss your requirements please call +44 1623 551 800, email or use our online enquiry form.


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