Accuride Telescopic Drawer Slides For Under Stairs Storage Solutions


Every day, architects and designers come up with new and creative ideas to maximise storage options within our homes. Space under the stairs is a perfect opportunity to do this.

The smart way to make the most of an often under used area is to install high quality drawers. We are a key supplier of the full range of Accuride premium quality ball bearing drawer slides providing a host of access solutions for this application.


Tailored Systems Using Telescopic Drawer Slides for Under Stairs Storage

If your customers demand products designed, manufactured and tested to the highest standards by industry experts then look no further. Join our customers who already benefit from the variety, quality and reliability of Accuride Telescopic Slides. This is what Joel from buss, a manufacturer specialising in under stairs storage solutions has to say:

“I use Accuride slides due to their high load capacity, because in the end we build big drawers. They run smoothly and have proven to be very reliable over the years.”

Conventional slides used in the furniture industry are simply not able to meet the demanding requirements of under stairs storage systems. The larger and heavier a unit is, the more difficult it is to adjust the fronts and get a flat even finish. Therefore, by using the more robust Accuride products buss is able to fulfil all the wishes of its customers. Whether it is the storage of shoes, sports equipment, coats, freezers, wine racks, litter bins, ironing boards, vacuum cleaners or even dog beds.

Furthermore, Accuride drawer slides include additional functions such as the 100% + over extension or soft-close to protect sensitive objects or allow easy access.

Under_Stairs_Storage_Wine_Rack               Under_Stairs_Storage_Big_Shell
Key benefits using Accuride slides for storage applications include:

  • • Heavy-duty slides available for taking weights up to 600kg
  • • Lock-in / lock-out feature enables drawers and trays secured in closed and open positions for prolonged access
  • • Soft-close brings drawers to a smooth, gentle close
  • • Simple access of drawers up to 1000mm wide
  • • Multiple lengths available to help you custom design your space


What we can do for you?

JET PRESS provide you with a Fast Find allowing you to filter our extensive range of Accuride slides. This search only shows the slides that have the essential features you need for your application.

Customers have access to our 3D CAD download facility and our technical sales managers are always on hand to help with your application or any questions you have.

Accuride slides are supplied from stock in our Nottinghamshire warehouse for next working day delivery. For further information please call us on +44 1623 551 800 or just send us an e-mail to

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