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Why Formula 1 teams use Accuride Telescopic Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

If you are reading this sitting around waiting for the tyres to be changed on your car you might like to think about the theory that the technological advances made in Formula 1 racing filter down to ordinary motorists. Do you know what the record for changing all four wheels on a F1 car is? 1.92 seconds!

Everything in F1 is hugely competitive including the time it takes to complete a pit stop. If a team can cut pit stop times they gain a competitive advantage and during a Grand Prix every hundredth of a second counts. The technology that goes into faster pit stops is astonishing.


The technology arms race

Pit teams use lasers to position the car perfectly and redesign wheel nut threads over and over again to aid speed and prevent cross threading. They have even experimented with using helium and nitrogen to make wheel guns faster. So where do Accuride Drawer Slides fit into this world of leading edge technology?


Nothing can fail

It’s vital that cars pit as rapidly as possible and that a fast turnaround is achieved every single time. The pit crew is drilled to perfection and all of the equipment has to be absolutely reliable. This extends to the transport systems used by the teams, which is where Accuride Slides come in. They are used in the cases which all teams use in the pit lane and to transport tools and components from race to race.

Each team travels around 100,000 miles a year between races and test sessions. Most teams are based in Europe so a lot of this travel is by road; the cases are loaded onto trucks where they have to withstand the occasional rough ride. For the non-European ‘flyaway’ races all the kit goes into an aircraft hold, so space is a critical issue. And the cases have to go through a rapid semi thermal cycle – from the cold of an aircraft hold straight onto a runway in Australia or the Middle East – and still work perfectly.

There is not enough time between some of the flyaway races to go home so teams often have to transport a lot of components.


Only the best will do

The designer has to create a transport system that can withstand the rigours of air and road travel. It has to be lightweight so more components can be carried and crucially it must never fail when it gets into the pit lane. So, not surprisingly, these designers contact us at JET PRESS to talk about Accuride Drawer SlidesAccuride 9308 Drawer Slides

The Accuride 9308 and 7400 are the Drawer Slides the JET PRESS team recommend for use in F1. The 9308 Slide has a substantial 227kg load rating and opens 100%. It also features lock-in and lock-out functionality so the drawer will only open when the lever is activated and they can be locked open when in use. Some designers pair the 9308 slide with the 9301 so only one of the slides has a lock-out lever – another way to save split seconds in the pit lane.

The 7400 Self Close Drawer Slide has a 45kg load rating and bayonet fittings that work well with metal cabinets. They can be installed quickly and easily and moved later if you need to change the size or configuration of drawers.  This slide opens more than 100% so nothing can get stuck at the back of the drawer and the slim profile means space is maximised.

The Accuride 9308, 9301E and 7400 are all Ball Bearing Drawer Slides so the action is consistently smooth and the Mild Steel construction is robust. Passivated Zinc Plate protects against corrosion so these slides keep performing at 100% efficiency for the life of the case.
Accuride 7400 Self Close Drawer Slides

A winning team

F1 teams demand the best transport systems so they commission the leading specialists to build them. These specialist designers want the best components from a completely reliable supplier so they come to JET PRESS for Accuride Drawer Slides. We may not be responsible for winning a Grand Prix, but when the driver takes the chequered flag and climbs on the winners’ podium we know we’ve played our part.

You may not be involved in F1, but there are many areas where Telescopic Drawer Slide performance plays a vital role. We would be very happy to talk to you about your requirements and the full range of Accuride Drawer Slides.

If you have any questions please call 01623 788 400 or use our online form.


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