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How to select Accuride Drawer Slides

Do you need Accuride Ball Bearing Telescopic Slides or Linear Slides? Hold-in, lock-out, heavy duty or two-way drawer slides? Talk to JET PRESS about how you can use Accuride Drawer Slides in a wide range of industrial applications to optimise performance and value.

JET PRESS has developed significant expertise in the whole range of Accuride products across many industries. Our unrivalled knowledge of all the standard products comes from working closely with Accuride to provide bespoke solutions where no off the shelf option is available.

They may be called Drawer Slides but they are increasingly designers use them to make access easier across a range of applications. By mounting components like heavy air compressors on trains and servers in a super computer, maintenance times can be dramatically reduced.

Read on for an overview of the Accuride Drawer Slide range for industry.


But first, why Accuride?

Firstly, Accuride have built a huge reputation globally for quality and innovation. Secondly, they have a product range that covers almost every conceivable industrial application. Finally, we have developed a strong relationship with their designers and engineers. This enables us to give our customers the right product at the right price, time after time.


Criteria to take into consideration

Here are the main things you should consider when you select a drawer slide. Factor in the environment where you will use the slide. Think about the load it will carry, how will you attach it to the drawer or component and any special features and accessories you may need.


Where will you use the slide?

The vast majority of industrial slides are steel or stainless steel. Steel works for most applications in products like tool chests or shop fittings. For harsher environments, like outdoor applications or where hygiene is important – in medical or food preparation environments for instance – stainless steel is a better option.

There are specialist environments where slides that demand particular features. For instance slides like the DS3557 are made from stainless steel grade 316. This steel uses molybdenum and is very resistant to corrosion and pitting especially from acids. As a result, these slides are popular in industries like chemical, pharmaceutical and marine. And the relatively low magnetism of 316 stainless steel makes it useful in some electronics applications.

Vibration and shocks are a feature of many industrial environments, especially transport. The 0522 Heavy Duty Drawer Slides incorporate Shock Blocks that help to protect the Drawer Slides and the components on the slides in the closed position.


What about the loads?

Accurite horizontal mounting icon 25% loadrate

There is no point in specifying a heavier duty slide than you need. Accuride slides classes are Light Duty – up to 50kg, Medium Duty – 51-99kg or Heavy Duty – 100kg+.  At the top end of the weight range designers use Accuride slides for heavy duty doors and large sliding panels.

All the slides we sell have a load rating clearly indicated. Where appropriate, there is another load rating on the description you should use if the slide is flat mounted.


How will it be attached?

Most industrial applications use 2 slides, one attached to either side of the drawer or component. Accuride design slides for specific applications, like the 2807 which is for access to computer components housed in 19” racks.

Limited horizontal space? You can mount the slides under the drawer but this reduces the load capacity of the slide. This reduced load is clearly shown on the product description page. There is more detail about flat mounting, or undermounting as it is sometimes called, in this article, Accuride Flat Mounted Slides Open New Possibilities.


How far do you need the drawer to pull out?

Standard Accuride slides allow for 75% extension. Accuride also make slides that allow 100% extension. There are even drawers that pull out more than 100% to ensure full access to the contents. An Accuride Lever Disconnect allows you to remove the drawer completely. This is very useful in applications where you need to clean the drawer or remove the drawer as part of a maintenance solution.


Opening and closing

How will you use the drawer in the work environment? This will dictate how you want it to open and close.

Touch release drawers don’t need a handle that protrudes from the front of the drawer so items like mobile tool chests can be flush fronted and you can open them quickly and easily. This makes them easier to move without snagging, they can also be packed closely together for instance when they are in transit and the unit is easier to clean.

Hold-out and lock-out slides are often specified for reasons of safety and efficiency. A hold-out slide keeps the drawer in place until you apply additional force. A lock-out slide has a lever that keeps the drawer open until you activate the lever. There are also lock-in and hold-in slides that keep drawers closed until activated and slides that do both lock-in and lock-out. The Heavy Duty Slide Accuride 9308 is a very popular example of this sort of slide.

You can specify an Accuride DBHAND Locking Handle Kit to release both slides on a drawer up to 1.5m wide with one hand. Another cost effective option is to combine a lock-in/lock-out slide. Combined with a standard slide you only have to operate the lever on one side of the unit. A typical use for this would be for a stillage in a car assembly plant. You will find them useful for any piece of kit, especially one that is likely to be moved around like mobile drawers and tool cases.

A self-close drawer slide closes the slide and prevents bounce back. A soft-close drawer slide slows the closing action and both prevent slamming. This can extend the life of the slide, reduce noise in the work place and protect fragile components or drawer contents.


Accuride Two-Way slides

If you need to open a drawer from either side of an island, tool chest or even from adjoining rooms you can use Two-Way Drawer Slides. A Two-Way slide can feature hold-out or lock-out features.

Get in touch

Accuride offer a comprehensive range of features with a range of benefits. This is just a summary. It is always worth talking to us about your particular requirements.

For more information please use our Fast Find feature, call to speak to one of our experts on +44 1623 551 800 or contact us online. Our team is always happy to help you find the best drawer slide or combination of Accuride Drawer Slides for your specific application.

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