A Cool Solution Using Industrial Drawer Slides

Industrial Drawer Slides

How Accuride 9301 Drawer Slides are helping the power generation industry

A JET PRESS customer, Acres Engineering, use an Industrial Drawer Slide to solve a problem in the manufacture of turbine blades. These blades, used in aero engines and the power generation industry, can fracture if they cool too fast. Acres use Accuride 9301 Heavy Duty Drawer Slides in a cabinet that controls the temperature drop.

The cabinet opens pneumatically with a solenoid valve and wire rope assembly. The weight of the door, which lifts vertically, is taken by the wire rope assembly. The Heavy Duty Drawer Slides ensure smooth operation. Working closely with the designers at Acres, we recommended 100% extension Accuride 9301 Heavy Duty Drawer Slides. These slides are reliable and durable enough for the harsh environment of a foundry.


The Industrial Drawer Slide that optimises performance

Accuride is a good fit for the Acres project for several reasons. In the design phase, readily available technical specifications were invaluable. This allowed the designers to work around the Accuride spec. And a fast turnaround on quotes and delivery certainly helped. The shock-absorbing ball bearings and lubrication make even this heavy door open smoothly and easily.

The cabinet is 1100mm x 1100mm x 322mm. The height to the bottom of the door when it’s open is 1900mm. The door has 50mm thick ceramic insulation and a Robax toughened glass inspection panel. The working height from floor level is 770mm so it matches the chill plate of the furnace. This height also allows a waste skip to fit below the hopper. The skip collects the waste material still attached to the blade from the casting process.


Heavy Duty Drawer Slides for many sectors

The Accuride 9301 Heavy Duty Drawer Slide has a load rating of 272kg. Because it’s slim as well as strong it’s very popular with designers in many sectors. You will find it used in tool boxes, battery trays and cash machines. The slides are made from mild steel with a Zinc Plate and Passivate finish. Like all Accuride Drawer Slides it’s tested up to 10,000 cycles.

Accuride 9301 Industrial Drawer Slide

Acres and Jet Press

Acres Engineering operates from a small country town in Derbyshire. But they have an international reputation for design innovation. The company focuses on designing and manufacturing custom solutions. Acres have a reputation for partnership and flexibility. From initial consultation and CAD design through prototyping and manufacturing they work closely with their customers. And when they need our expertise, they work closely with us.

Customers range from well-known names like Toyota, Nestle and Bombardier to specialist companies like Napier Turbochargers and German battery experts, Hoppecke.


Is an Accuride Industrial Drawer Slide right for your project?

The range of Accuride Drawer Slides is huge. You will find them in cars, motorhomes, specialist vehicles, F1 racing, Interior design, as part of buildings and even server cabinets. Features include hold-in, hold-out, lock-out, soft close and push to open to name a few.

How do you know which is the right Accuride Drawer Slide for your project? Ask us.

Our team is always available to discuss the most appropriate slide or combination of slides for your application. There’s a useful guide to help you select the best slide and you may find our article “How to select Accuride Drawer Slides” helpful.

The team at JET PRESS have a whole host of ideas to help you with specialist vehicle conversions. If you would like help selecting the right slides and hardware please call +44 1623 551 800, email sales@jetpress.com or contact us using our form online.

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