The new Fastmount panel mounting clip system from JET PRESS offers a wide range of clips and sockets for applications demanding a hidden fixing. This system was developed for use in luxury yachts, where the rigours of ocean travel and high aesthetics required a first-class system. Since then the Fastmount system has proven itself in … Read more

Wireless LED Lighting

LED lighting technology in our extended range of wireless lighting is exceedingly efficient. The use of disposable batteries and rechargeable power supplies now allows you to enhance your space with widespread, creative and practical uses around the home and office. Our new products work brilliantly with fitted furniture and can also be used to add … Read more

2-LOCK Cable Tie

Patented overmoulding technology enabled the development of a double-tooth steel retainer moulded into a plastic body. This creates the highest performing cable ties for the most demanding applications. When your costs of failure are high, you need a cable tie that can give you peace of mind – you need 2-LOCK™!   Materials Weather-resistantpolyamide 6.6 offers … Read more

Coloured Fir Tree Button

Coloured Fir Tree Buttons

Fir tree buttons are the perfect way of securing sheet materials or board to another panel or for holding components to panels. Also known as pine tree buttons, they are commonly used in the automotive industry to secure trims, but also have many uses in upholstered furniture, electrical equipment and domestic appliances.   Quick to … Read more

Teconnex Tutorial Video

New to our website in the Teconnex Stainless Steel Band Clamps we have a new tutorial on Teconnex clamps. The video can be found prominently on the page and walks you through the various V band clamps available with reference to their many applications. The possibilities are endless with the ability to supply small or … Read more

The new JET PRESS Industrial Components Catalogue has just arrived! This latest edition is full of innovative new products and extended product ranges, all of which complement our already comprehensive offer. Our 260 page catalogue has many new products including: Webbing, Plastic Buckles, Teconnex clamps. The catalogue features an eight-page picture index making it easy … Read more

Do you need an engineered fastener or component but can’t find an off-the-shelf solution? Or, do you have an idea for a new fastener, but don’t have the expertise or resources to design and manufacture it yourself? Perhaps JET PRESS can help … JET PRESS can offer a complete design, engineering and manufacturing service. We … Read more

Friction Guides from Accuride

Accuride® International, the leading global manufacturer of telescopic slides and sliding systems, has turned its engineering and design expertise to creating new linear friction guides with outstanding benefits for users of handling systems. Traditional linear slides use steel or polymer ball bearings for smooth movement; friction guides use a plain bearing surface and no rolling … Read more


JET PRESS is pleased to introduce a new range of polypropylene webbing in various sizes, complementing our existing range of plastic buckles and clips. Webbing is a strong, reliable woven fabric available in widths of 19mm, 25mm, 38mm and 50mm. All sizes are conveniently packaged in 50 metre rolls. The standard colour we offer is … Read more

A new range of PVC Open and Closed grommets are now available in multiple sizes catering for many applications across industries. Our PVC Open Grommets protect pipes or cables from chafing when passing through pre-formed holes in metal or plastic panels, whilst our plasticised PVC Closed Grommets are ideal for blanking redundant holes in metal … Read more