T-Nut Sales go Nuts

Added 08.04.22


Why Use T-Nuts?

If you want to screw a metal thread into timber, accurately, firmly and consistently, a T-Nut is your best option. We sell a lot of T-Nuts to the furniture industry in the UK, over 22 million Sigma T-Nuts over the last 12 months. But last week was exceptional – we sold over 1 million Sigma T-Nuts in 5 working days.

According to Kevin Parr, the Furniture Lead at JET PRESS “This is always a busy time of year with furniture sales ramping up over the Easter break. Our customers are conscious of their stock levels and delivery delays over the holidays and I think this is why we had such a strong week. And of course, it’s the end of the financial year. Needless to say, T-Nuts do the job so once people start using them, they don’t go back”.

Sigma T-Nut Insertion Machines

Most of the T-Nuts we sell are Sigma T-Nuts and we have had a relationship with Sigma going back over mare than 25 years. Most of our customers use our T-Nut Insertion system. We offer a variety of machines to speed up production in many applications. Top of the range are the Floor standing Drill, Drive and Rivet Machines that can be combined to insert and rivet multiple T-Nuts at a time. We can also provide Sigma Floor Rivet T-Nut Insertion Machines, Sigma Table-Top T-Nut insertion Machines and a T-Nut Insertion Hand Tool. Our technician can install and maintain your insertion equipment to keep your production running smoothly.


Speak To Our Experts

There are several factors to consider when identifying the ideal T-Nut and insertion method. Fortunately, Kevin is an expert in these matters. You can contact us to talk to him and arrange a trial to prove how our insertion system can work for you. Submit the form below or call Kevin on 
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